What is Luck?

Happy Friday the 13th! Apparently, an unlucky day. Interesting what we deem in western culture as ‘bad luck’…

While there is certainly evidence in history to reasons why the number 13 might be bad luck, and possibly Friday (historically in the Middle Ages, Friday was deemed to be an ‘unlucky’ day to begin journeys) there does not seem to be any significant reason why Friday the 13th of any particular month should be so…

I guess as time moves on, a lot of us, particularly still working in the J O B, would deem Friday to be good luck, as it symbolises the end of the work week for many.

Truthfully though, I believe we all make our own luck. As was purported quoted by Samuel Goldwyn (Famous Polish film producer that some say the founder of Hollywood) – “The harder I work, the luckier I get.”

Whether it was indeed his quote or not, this rings so true…

While there are often things that are out of our sphere of control, and we might see outcomes as ‘unlucky’, the harder we work on areas INSIDE our sphere of control, the more favourable outcomes we get.

Those looking from the outside may say, “Wow, she is lucky!” or “How lucky is he?!” truthfully that ‘luck’ is made up of many hours of hard work, practise, and perseverance.

Particularly now, during times like the Olympics in sports, or even in business, we may see businesses or athletes succeed and think they are lucky, when really, they are just determined and never gave up when things got hard.

The road to luck is through perseverance.

So, while half of our country is still suffering under government-induced lockdowns, chin up Australia! Keep focusing on what we can control, rather than watching what we cannot, and you will see your ‘luck’ improving.