We were excited most about investing in the US because of greater returns than anything I can get in Australia.

Minimal hands on requirement enables me to be a little involved and build a very healthy passive income for my retirement.

My expectations was on par with expectations given by Lindsay.  I was prepared for not knowing what I don’t know then with the complexity of my first purchases I thought it would be more difficult but it has gone better than I became concerned it would. 

I have signed up Star Dynamic Property Investments again for another property and would recommend Star Dynamic to others.

Barbara WallerBairnsdale, Victoria

“We were excited about what rental returns the US property could bring.  Lindsay has been amazing through the whole process, very informative and goes beyond to help with any questions that I have and is always available and takes his time so that all aspects are perfectly clear.

We found our experience much better than we even expected. I have dealt with other organisations prior, and Star Dynamic are far superior with service.

I am excited about my future and this would not have been possible without Star Dynamic’s expertise and attention. Thank you Lindsay and team I look forward to working with you on the next purchase.”

Kathryn Fuller & Judyanne SmithSydney, NSW

This was my first time investing in the U.S. I was very uneducated as to how to successfully buy a property in another country from so far away. At the beginning it was quite daunting, but with the assistance of Lindsay and his team, Star Dynamic was able to find a great property deals producing steady positive cash flow outcomes. Star Dynamic showed me how to buy my US property for a price of USD$25,000 conduct the relative due diligence including area research, comparison sales and ARV (After repair Value). My result after rehab costs of USD$25,000 was a sales result of USD$90,000.

Star Dynamic’s niche expertise in US Property investing assists Aussies in a seamless process whilst offering knowledge and services covering asset protection, insurances, property management underpins a great investment opportunity. I now have made a positive US property investment and well above Australian margins in a short space of time which I could never have made in Australian without high taxes and duties. The result has allowed me to springboard into other US property investment opportunities.

Perri KallergisMelbourne Victoria

World record for longest distance BRRRR? 13564 kms (8428 miles) From Auckland New Zealand to Roseville, Michigan U.S This time last year I had never heard of the term BRRRR – buy, rehab, rent, refinance and repeat. Now I can say I’ve almost come full circle. During lock down last year I spent a lot of time watching YouTube videos and stumbled across an Australian (Lindsay Stewart) who was acquiring US properties remotely. I have been investing in property since 2007 but had never had anyone walk me through the process of how to successfully invest remotely. After months of due diligence I acquired a property in Roseville, MI from (having never been to that state let alone that city). I was able to buy it deeply discounted, with a tenant in place only doing minimum delayed maintenance items – 500 spent.

The asset is generating a 10.2% net yield and once I carry out a cosmetic renovation that will increase to 16.2% net yield! The main advantage with US investing is the access to capital. I purchased the property for 68,000. It appraised for 97,000 and I was able to execute a cash out refinance for 60% of the appraised value meaning I received 58,200.”

Marty NevilleAuckland, New Zealand

The process is actually quite easy, considering. It’s a lot of paperwork but when you look at your potential returns and what you’ve actually got to do, I mean, where else are you going to get those returns in that short timeframe? It may not always be the case, but the potential returns, without having to lift too much of a finger, are pretty good”

David TranPerth, Western Australia

Star Dynamic is hands down the best and most genuine experience I’ve had throughout my property investing journey.
Lindsay truly cares about his client’s success, which is something I’ve found hard to come by (as usually everyone has their own agenda).
I’ve done courses for NZ and Australian markets, and I find the Inner Investors Circle is far better suited to my needs. This course is well worth the value, connections and support.
Lindsay has gone above and beyond to ensure my US deals go smoothly, and I can’t wait for more of what the future brings

Katie PotterMelbourne, Victoria