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Investing in the US sounds exciting and is certainly profitable, but you don’t have time? 

Know you need to get into the property market, but learning to invest is not really your thing?

No problem!  Let us do it FOR you!.

Done with You!

Training, Coaching & Support

I know you are super keen to learn how to get into the US market and start making those great returns, but you’re not certain you can do it?  Well, I’m here to tell you – YOU CAN!  And our fantastic “Done with You” offer will make sure!

Full, lifetime access to the Star Dynamic Fix & Flip Academy and everything you need to success. Included with the training and training materials is 6 months of one-on-one coaching and support to see you through, from setting up, sourcing, renovation etc through to tenanting and / or selling to realise or generate your profits.


Do It Yourself

 Star Dynamic’s Fix & Flip Academy


Always wanted to get into the US property market but don’t know where to start? 

Love property and want to expand your knowledge into global markets? 

If so, the Star Dynamic Fix & Flip Academy is for you!  


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Fix and Flip Academy Training FREE with membership

Access to My very own trusted team on the ground to help YOU manage your projects.

Access to off market deals before they hit the market

Negotiation strategies that can save you thousands off the cost of your deals

Sales Strategies that will blow your mind and give you massive boosts to your returns on property sales

Access to solid, real estate professionals on the ground, you can trust!

And so much more…


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