Linz’s Friday Musings – Don’t lose focus

As another Friday comes to a close (well here in Oz anyway) we close the chapter on another week in our lives.

It’s a great story we are all creating – unique, jam packed with action, drama, and suspense (oh, and lockdowns!), and I am sure it would certainly make for interesting reading in time; sitting on our front veranda at age 85 reading to our grandkids or great grandkids the story of our lives – them sitting in awe at the twists and turns…

But how will YOU like the story?

Think about how you will FEEL when reading to them? Will you notice the missed opportunities you should have taken? Will you regret the decisions you didn’t make at crucial crossroads? Mourn for the missed time you had with family and friends at times we were “too busy” living and ignored life?

It’s hard when we are up to our neck in crocodiles and viruses, to really see when we are at a crossroads, and often how important is that next decision. In hindsight, we can look back and say “Wow, if only I had taken that step to do <insert thing here> how different might my life have been!” But at the time, is just another thing, that in our busy day to day lives, we just dismiss… I don’t have time… oh, sounds good, but I will do it later…yes I would like to, but not right now…

Then, soon turns into later, and later, and we keep missing these chances.

Particularly right now, with most of the country in some form of restrictions, the pressure on us is almost at breaking point.  It is very easy to miss opportunities as they present, or even just miss living…

And I don’t mean existing, I mean really being in the present, noticing all life around us.  Do you see how the wind rustles the leaves of the trees?  Maybe notice what your pet is doing, right now.  Don’t let the pressure force you to miss life, and to live to the fullest.

Even if we can’t get out and travel, forge that story of life; those next chapters in the book – with excitement, experiences, growth and learnings…don’t just rewrite the last chapter again..