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  • Why the US market is so hot right now?
  • Learn how to create HUGE passive income with Real Estate Investing.
  • Returns as high as 18% to 20% compared to 3% on Australian property.
  • High Positive Cash Flow property options.
  • PLUS: Did you know you can purchase a US Property cheaper than a down payment in Australia!

US has a very diverse market. Some areas can show a solid 10 – 15% POSITIVE rental return after expense

A lot of areas are just coming out of a large downturn during the GFC crash and
growth is just beginning.

Ability to get in on the ground floor for capital growth as opposed to Australia’s booming market

Many properties can be purchased outright for less that the cost of a deposit on an
Australian or Canadian property, ranging between 60,000 – 100,000 AUD.

Development opportunities are plentiful, with many foreclosed homes in excellent
locations needing rehab & repair but returning excellent equity and returns once done.

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Investing in US

Our portfolio includes properties sourced in the best locations in the US giving solid returns and minimizing the risks of vacancies & repairs. We ensure locations have top rated schools, close to amenities and businesses and growing employment to help ensure long term, solid tenancy.

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Star Dynamic capitalises on the security of real estate investments by ensuring that all properties are handpicked in great neighbourhoods, renovated to high rental demand standards, and occupied by pre-screened, dependable tenants. These homes are selected for your individual investment and budget needs.


All your questions about investing in US property answered

Is investing in the US risky?

Do I have to pay taxes?

What happens if something needs repair at the property?

Lindsay Stewart
Star Dynamic Property Investments, Founder

Why Star Dynamic

  • End to End Solution

    Can provide end-to-end solution including Property management, Asset Protection, insurance, training etc

  • Consultation

    Will consult with each investor to determine the strategy that suits best, from cashflowing buy & hold investments through to developments, rehab/renovations and resale opportunities

  • Reputable Tenants

    We work with only the best property managers to secure only reputable tenants that meet stringent guidelines and rules

Why Invest in US Property with Star Dynamic Property Investments…

Very affordable

High cash flow

End-to-end solutions

A strategy developed just for you

Buying Your First US Property

If you want to invest in US Property and don’t know where to start then our mission is helping people just like you secure the best investment properties the US has to offer.

We make the process as simple and straight forward as possible by managing the whole process.