Linz’s Musings – The 8th Law of Nature

It is certainly amazing how quickly the weeks fly by, even when in lockdown! We can even start to see the days getting a little longer again, a little more daylight later in the afternoon, giving that glimmer of hope that spring is coming, albeit a way off yet…
Its hard to believe that in essence, here in Melbourne at least, and even other parts of the country, it feels a lot like Groundhog Day. It feels we are in exactly the same position in July 2021 as we were in March 2020…

Or are we?

I want to highlight one of the laws of physics, what I like to call the 8th law nature – the law of Natural Growth (or Decay). There is even a formula you can use to track this! But I won’t go into that level of detail, only to say that this law, together with the 1st law, the Law of Vibration which states that everything is moving, nothing rests, can be a catalyst for how we should act, what we should do when paralysed by fear.

These two laws show that nothing can stay the same.

Everything is moving and either growing or deteriorating.

You will see this in everything around us, people, plants, trees, our bodies, muscles, even cities and populations. If something is not growing or getting stronger or larger, it is decaying, or reducing or deteriorating.

There is no stillness.

This is the same with our goals, our relationships, physically & spiritually, even our financial plans, either we are moving towards our goals and growing, or we are decaying and getting further and further away. We cannot stand still.

So, are we in the same position? No.

Our mindset is different from last year, there is not the fear that there was, and a lot of people are starting to realise to what’s going on. Not as easy for the governments to take away freedoms.

We are forever learning, evolving, changing and growing – or if not, regressing…

Make sure you are at least doing something each day, however small to improve your future, because the laws of nature say that if you are not, you will be going backwards.

In the words of Martin Luther King: – “If you cannot fly, then run. If you cannot run, then walk. If you cannot walk, then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”

Everything is always moving; which way are YOU going now?