About Us

Who We Are

Star Dynamic Property Investments is an Aussie company, helping other Aussies get great quality, high cashflowing investments in the US property market.

We do this by working with teams of professionals on the ground in various regions of the US that we have taken years to develop. This allows us to ensure that all properties are handpicked, in great neighbourhoods, renovated to high rental standards, and occupied by pre-screened, dependable tenants. These investments are selected for your individual investment and budget needs.

We are a husband and wife team, dedicated professionals ready to do whatever it takes to ensure your investments grow.

After many years of investing in the Australian market, being Aussie, it felt safe to stay local, and we had both successes and failures. A number of years back, we stumbled across the US market and it fascinated me.  Now after many trips, much investment in training, education, and experience, we have been successfully investing in the US market and working with teams of professionals who have been in these markets for more than 25 years!

Looking for high cashflow?  Wanting to set up a retirement income without the debt? Wanting low cost investments? Call us now, and we can develop a strategy to suit your needs.

Why Choose Star Dynamic

  • We can provide end-to-end solution including Property management, Asset Protection, insurance, training etc.
  • Will consult with each investor to determine the strategy that suits best, from cashflowing buy & hold investments through to developments, rehab/ renovations and resale opportunities.
  • We work with only the best property managers to secure only reputable tenants that meet stringent guidelines and rules.
  • Our portfolio includes properties sourced in the best locations in the US giving solid returns and minimizing the risks of vacancies & repairs. We ensure locations have top rated schools, close to amenities and businesses and growing employment to help ensure long term, solid tenancy

Meet the Team


  • Marc Blair – Keller Williams Lakeside Realty
  • Joanna Darmanin – Keller Williams Realty Darmanin Team
  • Imagine Home Realty – Greg White
  • Weichert Realtors eSolutions – Shannon Sails

Property Managers

  • Gebrael Management – Robert Howard
  • Ark Property Management LLC – Morgan White

Operations Management

  • CJ’s Project Management – Carol Johnson

Wholesalers & Acquisition

  • Quick Property Solutions – Emilio Basa

Title Companies

  • University Title – Jenny Johnson
  • Regions Title Agency – Meighan Fitzpatrick

Foreign Exchange

  • SendFX – Ian Cragg, Co-Founder


  • Chippewa Construction – Greg Tyll
  • National Real Estate Management Group – Connae Pisani
  • Imagine Construction Management – Greg White
  • CJ’s Project Management – Carol Johnson

Property Inspectors

  • Blessed Assurance Home Inspections
  • Structure & Site Inspections – Martin Pasquinelli

Insurance Agents

  • National Real Estate Insurance Group: Andrea Heydinger
  • Shield Insurance Agency- TJ Simmons
  • Simplified Insurance Agency- Katie Haller

Taxation & Accounting

  • USAU Financial Services – Donna Shaw
  • Kearney Consulting – Peter Kearney
  • SMSF Superannuation Warehouse – Hein Preller
  • YTK&Co. – Yolley Kalos

Security Agents

  • Safe Haven Security – Henry Epp

Lenders, Funding and Finance

  • Great Lakes Lending – Patrick Lyle
  • Absolut Financial – Kristian Forte
  • Global Mortgage Group – Robert Chadwick

Entity Creation

  • USAU Financial Services – Donna Shaw
  • YTK&Co: Yolley Kalos

My Journey into US Property Market

I recently was given the opportunity to do a podcast for Property Investory on the Australian and United States Differences in Property Market Investment.

I would like to share My journey into US property market podcast by Tyrone Shum, Property Investory.

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Lindsay Stewart, Founder

Helen Renisch, HR and Marketing Manager

Emilio Basa, Acquisitions

Carla G, Operations/Customer Success

Tony West, Project Manager