February 22nd, 2024, by Lindsay Stewart

Linz’s Musings – What the U.S. market looks like for 2024

One tenth of the year gone already, and I hope you are all off to a fantastic start! If not, don’t panic, plenty of time yet, but how quickly is this year moving already?

January 22nd, 2024, by Lindsay Stewart

The Best Way To Diversify Your Portfolio with Overseas Investments

Diversification is an essential strategy for any investor looking to reduce risk and maximize returns. One way to diversify a property portfolio is by investing in international property….

June 5th, 2023, by Lindsay Stewart

Common risks for Aussies investing in international property market

Diversification is a key to reducing your investment portfolio risk in the hopes of increasing your overall profits…

June 2nd, 2023, by Lindsay Stewart

Linz’s Musings – Sydney Property Investment Expo Wrap up

It was great to meet everyone that came down to the Sydney property Investment Expo last weekend, and there was lots of interest in the U.S. market as an option for strong, balanced portfolios…

May 08, 2023, by Lindsay Stewart

Why the US is an easy market to invest in for Australians

Some may ask why we are so excited for fellow Australians to tap into the U.S. property market. Apart from my own shift from the Australian to the U.S. property market that has made such a difference to my life…

March 20, 2023, by Lindsay Stewart

Essential Things to Know Before Investing in Your First Renovation House 

Investing in a house you plan to renovate can be highly lucrative if done correctly. It can also be costly if you don’t have all your facts and plans firmly in place before you start…

March 17, 2023, by Lindsay Stewart

U.S. bank collapses and the impact on the property market for foreigners.

There’s been quite a bit happening in the last week in the U.S. financial markets with the 2nd largest banking collapse in the history of the U.S. – Silicon Valley Bank (SVB).

February 13th 2023, by Lindsay Stewart

Flip Houses Like an Expert from TV

You’ve seen the television shows – Americans love a good house flip. Flipping a house means buying a property for a low price compared to other properties in the local market

January 30th 2023, by Lindsay Stewart

What Paperwork Do You Need to Buy Property in the U.S.?

Buying property in the U.S. can provide a tremendous ongoing income or a profit when you sell.

January 16th 2023, by Lindsay Stewart

Renovating and Flipping Residential Property in the U.S.

Did you know that Australian and New Zealand investors are making big profits by buying, renovating, and flipping residential property in the U.S?