Case Studies

Case Study 1

Anne and Catherine came to Star Dynamic Property Investments to help them expand their renovation business into the US Market.  They had been operating in NSW, in and around the Sydney region for some time and wanted to diversify their portfolio.

We were able to source for them a property in 11th Street in Ecorse, a riverside suburb of Detroit.  The property was on the market for US$22,500 and needed quite a lot of work done.  We were able to source the property for US$15,000 for them, giving quite a saving of list price

Catherine and Anne went on to fully renovate the property over the next 3 months at a total complete cost of renovations at US$17,800.  This though, was able to allow them to get a tenant in place, paying $800 per month rent and put the property back on the market at US$58,700. This is an overall return of 39% in just over 3 months! And the property is giving the investor an 11% return on investment on the rent.

Anne and Catherine have since purchased another 3 properties and are repeating the process plan will be to have these completed within the year, giving a more than 100% return on their investment

Case Study 2

Bernadette came to us looking to purchase US property using her self-managed superfund. After working in the IT industry most of her career, she was ready to look to retire and wanted to set up a good solid passive income without the need for mortgages and debt pressure, particularly causing issues with loan serviceability once she finishes work.

We were able to find an apartment building in Portlance St in Detroit in Michigan which suited her investing strategy.  Property was for sale for US$145,000 but we were able to secure for her for US$125,000.  The property consisted of 1 x 2-bedroom apartment and 6 x 1-bedroom apartment, bringing a total of over US$3000 per month in rent with all apartments tenanted.

After costs, this building alone, is providing Bernadette with a US$21,500 income per year, ROI of over 17% on her investment.

Bernadette has since gone on to purchase 2 more properties and another apartment block! Total income per year is now over $55,600 per year US DOLLARS! At a total portfolio of LESS than $340,000.

Case Study 3

Paul was looking to get started in Property Investing. Both he and his wife work and he wanted to begin a property portfolio without the huge outlay to purchase in their hometown of Sydney.

First property Paul was able to secure was a lovely 2-bedroom townhouse in Pensacola in Florida. Property was on the market for US$45,000 but we were able to secure it for US$38,900! Recently renovated it took less than US$5000 to clean up after previous tenants and able to be tenanted within 4 weeks for US$895 per month that’s a yearly return of over 12.5% ROI. With the property also now worth over US$75,000 this was an incredible investment for Paul and Anne.

Paul is looking now to close shortly on their second property, this time in Texas, and their goal is to own 5 in total in the next 3 years. With two in the portfolio in under 6 months shortly, I would say they are well on their way to their goal!