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5 Types of Property Deals to look for RIGHT now!

What types of property deals are ripe for property Investors right now? The market is always changing. What worked 5 years ago may not work as well today. Here are 5 niches to explore, test out and find bigger profits in now Small Multifamily & Mixed Use Properties Overall yields on single family home rentals […]

Linz’ Musings – May 24th, 2019

G’day all Happy Friday! So, its done…it appears that ‘ScoMo’ has pulled off the “Steven Bradbury” of politics…winning the unwinnable election. Question I guess for the much more politically savvy than me, is that did the Libs win or did Labor lose it…? I kinda feel is more the latter than the former, but the […]

Linz’ Musings – May 17th, 2019

G’day all Happy Friday! In this election version of our newsletter our country will be headed to the polls this weekend to vote for who we believe should be leading us forward for the next few years…or considerably less, if recent history is any indication… With that in mind, and irrespective of your view or […]

An increasing number of Australians, including Millennials, are investing abroad with the United States as the most popular destination.

The United States is the most appealing location for overseas investment, but an expert warns to do your research before entering overseas marketsA COMPETITIVE property market is stripping many of their chance at buying a house, but some creative Aussies have found a way.FACED with an extremely competitive property market, many Australians have given up […]

Building Your Team

I have a lot of people ask me when looking to get into the US market, what is the first thing you need to do to get started? My answer is always the same… Build your team on the ground! This is, I believe the most critical and important step to do and do well. […]

Linz’ Musings – April 12th, 2019

G’day all Happy Friday! As Easter draws near, the US have started their Baseball Season and football and Hockey is shelved for another season. Here, we are well into our football, AFL or NRL, pick your poison and go <Insert Your Team Here>! Its great to see the passion a great many have for their […]

Asset Protection Strategies

One of the first steps we do for clients, and I would certainly recommend for anyone investing in Real Estate anywhere, is to discuss with your legal team or accountant about asset protection. Real Estate, albeit one of the more stable and less-risky investments, still comes with its fair share of risk, and as an […]

Linz’ Musings – April 5th, 2019

G’day all Happy Friday! April is upon us, and its almost time in the Southern states to put our clocks back to normal. I will admit I am a fan of daylight savings to a point, the extra daytime in the evening is fantastic during summer periods, but I do think it goes on a […]

Why the US market for Rentals?

I do get asked a lot about why is the mid-west US market so good for rentals? The answer I believe comes down to two main reasons: 1) First and foremost, affordability! The actual cost of the property is cheaper. As the land value in the mid-west US is very inexpensive and abundant (unlike our […]

US Property Investing – Mar 29th, 2019

G’day all Happy Friday! Wow what a week its been! For us, we have seen some unprecedented growth in the past few months and have now just brought on a business coach (big shout out to Ben Slater!!) to help us grow the team and business effectively. Exciting times ahead – watch this space! I […]