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Assessed Values vs Actual Market Value

Assessing the value of a home when putting it on the market is affected by a number of factors. There are two numbers to consider when selling: assessed value versus market value.   In some cases, assessed value and market value may be similar. But in general, the assessed value will be lower than the market value. […]

Linz’s Friday Musings – September 13th 2019

G’day all  Happy Friday once again! Apart from a nice cold blast mother nature decided to hit us with last weekend in Melbourne, it is nice to see the weather starting to warm up.  Speaking of warming up, Helen attended a brilliant weekend event last weekend in Melbourne for Grace Lever. Grace is a business […]

Investing in US apartments…Good Strategy or Not

In my opinion, investing in Apartments in the US has always been a good strategy for cashflow. I would like to preface though, by stating what I mean here as a strategy is buying Apartment Buildings…not single units or Condos (condominiums).  Condos often have very high Home Owner Association fees (HOA’s) equivalent to Body Corporate fees here […]

Linz’s Friday Musings – September 6th 2019

G’day all  Happy Friday and good luck to <insert your footy team here>!  Footy finals, warmer weather, sunshine, what’s not to like about Spring!  I know there are certain parts of the US that have been under siege from hurricane Dorian, particularly Florida, Virginia, South Carolina etc, and by reports, appears to be a real monster.  […]

Linz’s Friday Musings – August 16th 2019

G’day all Happy Friday! It’s your friendly neighbourhood Aussie here with another blog on US Property and all that’s (not particularly) relevant to investing! (that reminds me, I must go and see Spiderman… when I get time…) Actually on that note, what are you trying to “get around” to? What is it that you want […]

Scoping a Rehab / Renovation

One of the most common mistakes we make as Aussie investors in the US market is not correctly scoping a renovation project. Essentially the scoping is probably one of the most important steps, as everything from here, including your success or profit at the end is hinged on this. Scope too much, and you will […]

4 Reasons International Investment is Critical in a Successful Portfolio

There’s no doubt that investing in real estate is a big commitment. Every investor wants to carefully weigh their options, investigate the properties that they purchase, and be assured in the security, trustworthiness, and success of their assets. For some reason, many real estate investors have an inherent fear of out-of-state investing never mind international. […]