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Renovating Multi-Family Properties

Is buying and renovating the average home a little boring? Consider diversifying your investment portfolio (and simultaneously earn a sizable profit) through buying and renovating a multi-family property.    When we say ‘multi-family home,’ we’re talking about apartment blocks, duplexes and triplexes. Because of their scale, multi-family properties are significantly more work compared to a […]

What you need to know about working with lenders

If you are looking to invest in the residential property market in the U.S., you might be overwhelmed by your financing options. There are a lot of options available when it comes to investing in real estate, even without cash, but one straightforward and low-risk option is working with private equity lenders.   Let’s quickly […]

Why real estate is a good long-term investment

If you have some extra money in the bank you’re probably feeling like it’s wasted, the bank’s low interest rates mean you are getting nothing for saving it, so how do you put those dollars to work?  If you’ve reached a point where you’re financially ready for a long-term investment, how about an overseas investment […]

How to find good contractors

As you build your team for your property investment in the U.S.A., each member will have different specialisations and corresponding tasks in ensuring that your property is managed properly. In a team where everyone has a role to play, it’s important to hire someone who can be the glue in the group and ensure that […]

How to find a property manager you can trust

As an Australian  or New Zealander, investing in property in the U.S. has so many benefits. But having to coordinate with renters when you’re not even in the same time zone can feel impossible. What if they have urgent concerns? Coordinating a solution for them might take days with time zone delays, or might mean […]

How to find a real estate agent you can trust

You’ve fully renovated your newly purchased investment property in the U.S and you’re gunning to sell for an outstanding profit or bring in some quality tenants – but the onslaught of marketing and fielding questions from interested parties is becoming a struggle.   Not only is the distance a problem, but the significant time zone […]

How to invest in real estate (even without cash)

Investing in residential property can come at a steep price. Having reserves of cash might be easy for millionaires but for most of us, it’s difficult to save for real estate and meet your daily expenses at the same time. This can also be true of foreign investment opportunities. As well as ready cash, there […]