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Linz’s Musings – The 8th Law of Nature

It is certainly amazing how quickly the weeks fly by, even when in lockdown! We can even start to see the days getting a little longer again, a little more daylight later in the afternoon, giving that glimmer of hope that spring is coming, albeit a way off yet… Its hard to believe that in […]

Linz’s Musings – Be IN the trenches

And it’s a Happy Friday from me again this week!  Been a massive week so far, hope you all have had a great week too! Today I want to discuss strategy in a way.  I was reading recently about the widening gap in Australia between the wealthy and the poor – the “have’s” and the […]

Linz’s Musings – To win, just keep trying

Happy New Financial Year to all here in Oz! ‘Tis a strange time of year, we see EOFY sales everywhere trying to get people to buy things they don’t need, to save 40c tax… Bit like negative gearing really, pay $1 to save 40c. But hey, I am sure it works somehow, otherwise why would […]

U.S. tax implications on real estate for foreign investors

Investors who want to branch out and invest in U.S. residential properties tend to feel apprehensive about taking such a big gamble. After all, it’s an entirely different country with different laws, regulations, and tax implications. Many find that it’s a bridge they dare not cross because of all the confusion around it. Being “fear-frozen” […]

Linz’s Musings – Its all about the Energy you bring

Winter Solstice is behind us, and summer has officially begun State-side.  Its amazing how quickly time flies when having fun in Real Estate! And it certainly is an incredible time to be in Real Estate right now, markets like I have never seen before.  Will be interesting to watch the RBA, Fed Reserve and see […]

Linz’s Musings – The ‘Story’ of Life…

As another Friday comes to a close, we close the chapter on another week in our lives. I was sitting in our new high-country hideaway thinking what a great story we all are creating – unique, jam packed with action, drama, and suspense, and I am sure it would certainly make for interesting reading in […]

Linz’s Musings – Look for the good in things

Happy Friday, and welcome to our Winter edition of the newsletter. This week (and ongoing), I want to include a ‘Market Update’ section for you, so keep reading below what we see in the U.S. market. I was chatting to some colleagues recently about winter and asked what their favourite thing about winter was. One […]