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US Property Investing – Feb 15th 2019

G’day all! Here we are half way through February already and who’s with me asking “Where is this year going?!” Maybe it is something that happens as we get older, time seems to go by faster. I even had my 15 year old son mention to me last night on the way home, “that he […]

US Property Investing – February 9th, 2019

G’day all! Happy Valentines Day! With February 14th shortly upon us, its always an interesting debate of those who love the day versus those who claims it’s just an excuse to sell chocolates, wine and dinners. I think the concept is great and it does give us an opportunity to stop and appreciate those that […]

Investing in US Apartments – A Good Strategy?

In my opinion, investing in Apartments in the US has always been a good strategy for cashflow and even growth. Apartments are almost a hybrid of residential and commercial real estate. In the US, anything over 4 apartments in a building is classified as a commercial investment, but still driven by residential trends and demographics. […]

Whats in Store for the US Market in 2019?

Looking back at 2018, we experienced a year of high expectations that largely did not disappoint. Markets continued to stabilise, economic promise grew along with property values, and the revitalisation of cities nationwide provided opportunities and population growth. It was a good year for investors. But now, we have to ask ourselves: what does 2019 […]