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Scoping a Rehab / Renovation

One of the most common mistakes we make as Aussie investors in the US market is not correctly scoping a renovation project. Essentially the scoping is probably one of the most important steps, as everything from here, including your success or profit at the end is hinged on this. Scope too much, and you will […]

4 Reasons International Investment is Critical in a Successful Portfolio

There’s no doubt that investing in real estate is a big commitment. Every investor wants to carefully weigh their options, investigate the properties that they purchase, and be assured in the security, trustworthiness, and success of their assets. For some reason, many real estate investors have an inherent fear of out-of-state investing never mind international. […]

Linz’s Friday Musings – August 2nd 2019

G’day all Friday’s rolled around again! How quickly are the weeks flying…the year for that matter! It’s been a great week for us, kicked some real goals, how’s yours been? If you’re like me, and cannot believe how quickly this year has flown so far, it really highlights how NOW is the best time to […]

Linz’s Friday Musings – July 26th 2019

G’day all Happy Friday y’all! Hehe sound American? Probably shouldn’t have started with G’day huh? Anyway back to reality. Have spent quite a bit of time this week on coaching calls, networking events and chatting to a number of our American friends and have had some amazing breakthroughs. I think networking is something that is […]

Listing your property with a Realtor

Our Fix and Flip Academy will go through how to source a good Realtor, this will be an important point. But once you have found one, how does the process work? First step will be a Listing Agreement. A realtor listing agreement is a written, binding legal document between you as the seller of your […]

Linz’s Friday Musings – July 19th 2019

G’day all And it’s a Happy Friday from me again this week! Been a massive week so far, hope you all have had a great week too! Started for me in a conference, one of my favourite, on mindset and personal growth, all hinged around growth and success. Strategy and skills are all important but […]

How Does a Home Inspection Work?

The inspection phase of a home will vary from county to county, state to state in the US, but in general, all inspections will involve evaluating certain aspects of the home before a seller can sell their home to a prospective buyer. Health and safety are the most important considerations. Basic amenities expected of a […]

Never Underestimate the Time and Cost of a House Flip

Some people want to get into flipping houses because it looks like a fast and profitable way to build an income. It can be. But the biggest mistake that people who get into the business make is they underestimate how much time it’s going to take. They also underestimate how much it’s going to cost. […]