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Linz’s Musings – The Selling Season is here…

After a beautiful weekend, weatherwise here in Melbourne, the first week of May now descends into a taste of winter for us. And while we are finding it getting cooler, particularly in the southern states, the U.S. is starting to heat up! With their economy soaring a massive 6.4% and the hot selling season of […]

Linz’s Musings – Don’t fall victim to FOMO

As we close the chapter on another month, we start our slow decent into Winter here in Oz. There is certainly on sign of the real estate markets cooling though, in fact, particularly in the U.S. its heating up even more… I put up a post on socials yesterday, I thought was quite funny (if […]

Making U.S. Investing Profitable

My foray into U.S. property commenced almost 9 years ago now. We had been investors in the Australian market for some time, and, like most investors, the Australian market felt safe… Strong growth, and it was a market I was familiar with. Fortunately, I had been coached and mentored by some of the best property […]

Linz’s Musings – The herd mentality…

I was talking, earlier this week, about changing your mentality and treating your property Investment as a business, rather than just an investor… While this can be a massive change for some, it is just a small step for others, particularly when looking at overseas markets, this generally is a different class of investor. There […]

To reap the benefits, U.S. property investment must be a business

John D. Rockefeller, considered one of the greatest American magnates, once said, “The major fortunes in America have been made in land.” As one of the most influential and most business-minded men in American history, he probably didn’t come about this realisation through mere chance. He likely came to this conclusion through purposeful and intentional […]

Linz’s Musings – Mindset, Growth & Belief

I did a post recently that got some attention, regarding how RE markets in the U.S. are boom (same as here in AU and in NZ) but yet still, some that keep talking about investing, are just not doing it… What are they waiting for?  Better growth?? In reality, it is fear.  And the most […]

Linz’s Musings – What are you waiting for?

One of the most common themes of questions I get asked, every week, via social media, emails, even during phone calls, is all about growth… Which areas have the best growth? What if the market does not grow? Is the U.S. or AU market better growth? Its like we are programmed to only look for […]

US Property Investment: Strike while the iron is hot

Let’s be honest: the stakes are too high for any real estate investor looking to enter the Australian property market. With the prices nowhere near affordable, you’re better off investing your money elsewhere. Like in the U.S. U.S. property investment has been the cheaper option for real estate investors for a long time, given the […]