Linz’s Musings – Sphere of Control

And as another weekend looms, Melbourne descends into lockdown…  While this is certainly not a unique experience for us Victorians, it can cause some anger towards the ‘establishment’.

But the truth is, regardless of how justified the anger may be (believe me that is an entirely different rabbit hole) it really doesn’t get us anywhere.

I made a conscious decision last year to ensure that I did not allow myself to be affected by things outside my sphere of influence or control or influence.

See, we all have a small and finite group of things that we can directly control.  Then there is a slightly larger circle of things we may not be able to control but can exert some influence on.

Then, outside of those two, relatively small circles, is everything else, everything that we do not have control over.

Now, while we do not have control over most things, one thing we can control is how we allow those external forces to affect us.  We certainly cannot control the weather, but it is my choice to be grumpy at the rain, or happy with the sun. That is a conscious decision I make.

Even when we cannot affect these things outside our sphere of control, we CAN control the impact these forces have on us.  And that is a real secret to happiness.

It is fine to feel anger, regret, sadness as certain forces as they wash over us, but then ask yourself, “Is this something I can control?”

If so, great, go ahead and change the situation or circumstance.  But if it is not, then can you change your reaction to it?

What things, outside your sphere of control are you reacting poorly to?