Linz’s Musings – Look for the good in things

Happy Friday, and welcome to our Winter edition of the newsletter. This week (and ongoing), I want to include a ‘Market Update’ section for you, so keep reading below what we see in the U.S. market.

I was chatting to some colleagues recently about winter and asked what their favourite thing about winter was. One of the funniest responses I got was “the end…” LOL

But you know, this got me thinking. We can often find ourselves in less-than-ideal conditions in life or even investing.

Now, stay with me here…

It might be winter; it might be a deal that hasn’t seemed to work out the way it should; it might be a work-related position you are now in… Often, we gripe and moan about how bad things are…”Oh, you will never believe what happened to me the other day…”

But does all of this whining make a difference? Sharing your gripes with others may make you feel a little better, but you’ll notice that fewer and fewer people will join you at the water cooler (or heater)…

The truth is, complaining about a situation or action does little to help. What can be helpful is to try and think of something good in this situation…anything at all, no matter how small.

From a winter perspective, my wife says she loves the winter wardrobe!

Suppose you can identify anything little that is positive about a difficult circumstance and focus on it. In that case, you will frequently find that it will boost your frame of mind (more pals around the heater with you!) and secondly, it will aid your subconscious mind in finding a solution or way out of the difficulty.

In terms of investing, what is the most excellent thing about a deal, even if it is going bad? Is it the property’s location? What about the design? Close to a specific school or park… Whatever it is, if you can focus on the positive, you will frequently notice a thread form that will help weave you out of the bad situation and give you a better end!