Linz’s Friday Musings – July 26th 2019

G’day all

Happy Friday y’all! Hehe sound American? Probably shouldn’t have started with G’day huh? Anyway back to reality. Have spent quite a bit of time this week on coaching calls, networking events and chatting to a number of our American friends and have had some amazing breakthroughs.
I think networking is something that is very much underrated. It can be amazing what can be achieved by networking with others. It’s not easy though, and I certainly am not a person who is comfortable networking and at times can be quite daunting. But the power of networking is definitely unsurpassable.

On an international Networking Symposium today (I love that word, symposium!) the host Shelly, gave some real gold. One comment that resonated with me was – “networking is simply building trust.” And really that can relate to a lot of life these days, isn’t what we do daily just build trust? Isn’t the reason you go to your usual barista for your morning caffeine hit, because you trust he will give you a great coffee? Don’t you go back to your usual mechanic, doctor, chemist etc because you trust they will give you good advice?

A business coach of mine just recently said – “the world has shifted now, we have moved from the Information Age, to the Intuition Age” and thinking about this, I thought how true! Years ago, it was all about the information but today, business and the world is now more about intuition and trust than information. This is good news too, as a lot of the “pretenders” are getting found out. They cannot hide behind their online personas these days, people have moved on and are far too intuitive for that.
What an amazing time we live in now!

Happy Investing all! And have a great weekend!!