Linz’s Friday Musings – August 2nd 2019

G’day all

Friday’s rolled around again! How quickly are the weeks flying…the year for that matter! It’s been a great week for us, kicked some real goals, how’s yours been?

If you’re like me, and cannot believe how quickly this year has flown so far, it really highlights how NOW is the best time to start to take control of our financial future. I was able to spend some time recently crystallising a plan, personally and business-wise, to map out the 2nd half of the year. I always find winter is a great time to do this. Often we set up a plan for the year in January, but then “life” gets in the way and we find its November, spring racing carnival and we haven’t achieved anything yet! Winter weather (particularly Melbourne!) is a great time to curl up in front of the fire, glass of red in hand, and review the plans we made, see our progress, and adjust. There is no shame in having to adjust your plans, our goals should be set in stone, but plans in sand, to move and flex as life occurs. What is most important is that we have the plans and goals and keep them in our mind when looking at decisions for our lives.

Have a read of my blog piece this week as well, it highlights some of the main reasons why international investing is critical for a solid balanced portfolio. We will also post this on our Facebook site, please feel free to have a read and leave a comment on your thoughts! Be great to hear for you all.

A really quick teaser here too (hopefully Helen is not reading this!) look out next week for some REALLY exciting news! We are launching a new project that I think you will all LOVE! Can’t say any more, or our Marketing Department will kill me, but “watch this space!”

Happy Investing all! And have a great weekend!!