Linz’s Musings – Its all about the Energy you bring

Winter Solstice is behind us, and summer has officially begun State-side.  Its amazing how quickly time flies when having fun in Real Estate!

And it certainly is an incredible time to be in Real Estate right now, markets like I have never seen before.  Will be interesting to watch the RBA, Fed Reserve and see how they play out the next 12-18 months with money printing in full swing still, particularly in the U.S.

I was having a great chat with my coach this morning and he mentioned something which I thought was very profound.  We were discussing the need to schedule activities such as reading, meditation, training etc to recharge the batteries.

We all are brought up with the adage that to be successful in anything we need to work hard.  After 30 years in corporate for me, reasonably successful at it, its easy even as a Real Estate investor and business owner/entrepreneur, to fall into the same habits of working 50-60+ hours a week to ensure we are successful and not ‘seen’ to be lazy.

Truth is though, that is the wrong mindset.

I coach all the time how important a change in mindset is from being a ‘Real Estate Investor’ to being ‘In the business of Real Estate’… but even I missed this small but extremely important distinction on how we work.

So Jonathan said, “Employee’s trade time for dollars.  Business owners, investors & entrepreneurs trade energy for profits.”


When you look at this, it makes enormous sense.

As investors, business owners and entrepreneurs, it is all about the energy we bring to the table.  Its not about how many hours we work, or whether others see us as ‘busy’ or not – this is irrelevant to real success.

For us, it is all about the energy level we have and bring to the deal / negotiation / challenge etc.  And then therefore, it is critical to ensure to recharge that energy.

If you are running on empty you cannot give your all.  Its important to schedule activities that RECHARGE your energy during the day as well, not just drain your energy.

What activities do you do to recharge?