Linz’s Musings –A good time to reassess goals

How quickly the weeks are flying by, Winter Solstice is almost on us, and summer hitting the U.S. it’s a great time for us to start to analyse our goals and see where we are for the year.

With so much happening this year, we could be forgiven for looking to ‘give up’ on our goals.  But this is exactly the time to knuckle down and take stock of where we are.

Even if you are no further down your goal path now, that we were in say, January, that’s OK.  Adjust and start moving again.

From an investing goals standpoint, I would certainly use this mid-year time to ensure to get yourself into a position ready to invest if you are not already.  The stimulus that is being poured into the U.S. economy particularly right now, is not looking like letting up.

The real estate markets are booming, almost wherever you look.

History has shown us though, particularly after the stimulus of the GFC (which by the way compared to current packages is a minnow vs a whale!) showed massive increases in housing prices, and almost a tripling of the stock market.

Inventory on market is still low, and during this summer selling period, may get lower.  Remains to be seen whether or not this will pick back up anytime soon.

But either way, this ‘Perfect Storm’ in real estate, particularly in the U.S. is here to stay for now, lets ride this wave with all we have!