Coaching and Training: The Right Ingredients for US Property Investing

Investing in US properties can be overwhelming.

That’s understandable – you’re investing in an unfamiliar location and can’t visit regularly (if at all). Plus, the processes can be different in the US from how we do things here in Australia and there are several potential risks needing to be avoided.

With all these factors, many become reluctant to push through with their US investments because they’re fearful of the ‘great unknown’.

When you feel there’s no one to help you on a journey where failure can feel like a huge financial loss, it’s hard to convince yourself to take a leap of faith.

While these emotions are natural, feelings of anxiety and uncertainty need to be mitigated to confidently take US investment opportunities and make well-informed decisions around them.

Having the right investing process in place helps you be smarter and more level-headed.

Like an athlete, US property investing requires training and coaching 

Investing in US property entails lower financial risks for greater returns on investment (ROIs) compared to investing in Australia. Here the prices are unreasonably high and merely stepping into the market can be a problem in itself.

But even if it’s better to invest in the US, like any other investment, it requires a structured process for you to succeed. And that process involves a lot of training.

Many people tend to overlook the value of training. They want to learn everything right now and get instant results, but no one ever becomes truly successful in a blink of an eye.

Take Olympic athletes, for example. Olympians aren’t just hurled into competitions unprepared.

In fact, many of them started training in their childhood. Simone Biles became a gymnast at six, snowboarder Chloe Kim at four, and Michael Phelps, one of the world’s top swimmers, started training at seven years old.

Winning Olympic medals isn’t only about natural talent. Victories are a culmination of blood, sweat, and tears in decades of training. 

Michael Phelps’ history in the games shows this progression. Phelps won 23 gold medals (the most number of gold medals won in Olympic history) but in his first few years as an Olympic swimmer, he had his fair share of bronzes too. Phelps never stopped training. Training provided continuous improvement, earned him his bags of golds, and the title of “world’s fastest swimmer”.

For successful athletes like Phelps, their key to success is train, train, train, and train some more. This doesn’t apply to sports alone, but in chasing any form of success.

Investing is no different. If you want to grow your portfolio and ensure continuous ROIs, you need to find the right coach to train you until everything you’ve learned becomes second nature.

Forming Repeatable Habits for Property Investing Success 

Michael Phelps’ coach, Bob Bowman, saw from the start Phelps had the perfect musculature for swimming, but the rest of Olympic swimmers did too. Bowman knew it takes more than natural talent and good physique to win the Olympics. He believed the key to winning was creating the right routines.

And he was right. Thanks to the habits he taught, Phelps became the strongest, physically and mentally, swimmer in the pool leading him to victory.

These habits aren’t what you think – they actually had nothing to do with swimming. Rather, they were specific habits targeted to create the right mindset.

Bowman designed behaviours that helped Phelps become calm and focused before every competition. He concentrated on improving even the small details of Phelps’ mindset – it’s these details put together that fortified Phelps’ resilience and determination to win.

This kind of training can be used anywhere, including property investments. Learning and repeating the same processes to create the right mindset will propel you to success.

Our Global Investor Coaching program helps create this mindset for US investors. It builds positive habits through these initiatives:

  • Six months of full coaching and support from a US property coach assigned to you.
  • Weekly one-on-one coaching calls with your property coach.
  • One to two hour strategy sessions to help build a personal investment strategy.
  • Two-hour group Q&A and training calls twice per month.
  • Voxer voicemail calls directly to and from your coach (24/7).
  • The Fix & Flip Academy, including training materials and workbooks shipped to your door. 

And to further support your investing during COVID, we’ve extended program access to the Investors Inner Circle Members Portal from the normal six, to twelve months! 

Through programs like the Global Investor Coaching program, property investors receive training and guidance in making well-informed decisions. Whether it’s their first investment or otherwise.

What investors learn through these coaches are habits they can use consistently in current and future investments. You will have the ability to create the right strategies, build the right teams, and find the right locations at the right time.

This minimises the risks of investing in property, let alone overseas, and leads to a successful investment with impressive ROIs.

Every Successful Property Investor has a Support Network

Michael Phelps didn’t achieve his success alone. Aside from Coach Bowman, his mother Debbie was there for it all – both ups and downs.

“There’s so much emotion going through my head, so much excitement. I guess I just want to see my mom,” Phelps said upon winning his eighth gold medal, a demonstration of his mother’s role in supporting him. Phelps’ wife and three kids helped strengthen his determination to keep succeeding in his Olympic career.

Like athletes, property investors don’t achieve greatness by surpassing hurdles all by themselves. Training moulds a person’s mindset, but there will be certain times we feel we’re starting to lose sight of our goals.

That’s why you need to have a strong support network. A support network will help you bounce back from a slump and further improve yourself.

Programs like the Global Investor Coaching Program provide a myriad of supportive materials:

  • Access to your on-ground team to help manage your US investments (i.e. real estate professionals, property managers, etc).
  • Negotiation strategies helping save you money.
  • Sales strategies massively boosting returns on property sales.
  • Monthly training kits delivered to your door.
  • Live workshops in cities throughout the year.
  • Online group sessions.
  • Face-to-face accountability catch-ups.

With the right support, you’ll be able to confidently make smart choices and succeed in your investment goals.

Every successful investment portfolio has a proper process in place. This process is learned through extensive training by developing the right mindset and turning positive behaviours into habits.

By applying these habits in each of your US property investments, you’ll have a strategy you can always rely on to lead you to success. Repeating this process sharpens the way you think and do things, making each new investment better than the last.

To find out how to boost your chances of successful US property investing with support from an experienced coach, book a consultation with us now.

To learn more about making smarter decisions around your property investments, download our Seven Simple Secrets to Investing in US Real Estate ebook.