Who Do You Have as Your “Coach”?

G’day all!

As the weekend rolls around, we are in the thick of our footy finals here in Australia.

It’s great to see the sport back! In our part of the world, football finals really represent spring. We also have a traditional car race in October – the Bathurst 1000 (approximately 600 miles for our U.S. friends). I know what I’ll be doing Sunday  🙂

For each of these sports teams, it’s as much of a battle for coaches as the players.  Players need to be able to implement the coaches plans, but without strategy or a game plan, it’s just a dozen guys running around with a ball.

Yesterday I was able to reconnect with my business and life coach after months due to COVID and it was fantastic to reconnect.

I say, ‘due to COVID’, but at the end of the day, it was due to a personal decision based on fear rather than knowledge. How many of our decisions do we make coming from a place of fear instead of knowledge?

In less than 30 minutes with AJ, I realised how in the past few months I have been heading into the battlefield each day without knowing exactly what I was fighting for.

And that is what life really is; a battlefield, full of obstacles, between us and our glorious castle. Each day we head into combat trying to fight for our castle, but how easy is it to lose sight of the reason altogether?

When you are fighting savage crocodiles daily, it’s easy to forget the reason you’re draining the swamp in the first place.

But, in less than an hour with my coach, I am back on track, game plan sorted, and back into the fray but with purpose.

This is exactly what the coach is for. They can sit high up in the ‘coach’s box’ and see things from an entirely different perspective.  They see the hurdles you’ll have to face and implement a plan to avoid them!

Without them we are constantly blindsided and unsure how to overcome the pitfalls, getting bruised and battered along the way.

As the navigator of your life, the most important selection for your team is the coach.

In business, investing, or life, it is crucial to get this decision right.

Whether you see it or not, you have a coach. But who is it really?  

Who is giving you the advice you are listening to? Your neighbour, friend, family member, boss? Did you choose them or did they become your coach by default?

Interesting how many people go through life having never actually picked a coach to help them achieve their goals, but wind up listening to those not on their journey.

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Happy Investing all and have a great weekend!

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