US Property Investing: Enabling Confidence and Freedom

There’s only 24 hours in a day but you have a million things to do. Your career takes up most of that time. The remainder goes to recharging and spending time with the important people in your life. To add a decent amount of sleep and a hobby is a luxury of its own.

So, what if you’re a busy bee who wants to go into US property investing? What do you do amid the hustle and bustle at work with little time to learn how to properly invest?

Some turn to the television, the newspapers, or even social media to take in new information about property investments. But with most of these being ads or posts only concerned with the number of followers over substance, how do you know the information is reliable?

Chances are you won’t gain useful information but rather waste precious time.

If you’re constantly busy with trying to juggle life but want to succeed in property investing, it seems to only go three ways:

  • Work less so you can spend more time on property investment.
  • Don’t invest at all and focus solely on work.
  • Invest and work, but sacrifice the quality of both.

Logically, these seem like the only options, right? Time won’t adjust for you – there will always only be 24 hours in a day.

But there’s a fourth option to consider: 

  • Invest and work without sacrificing the success of both.

Successful investors don’t sacrifice their time at work or time spent with their loved ones.

If You Can’t Invest By Yourself, Why Would You?  

You already know investing in property overseas takes dedication and commitment, so why still do it if your everyday grind leaves you with little time to properly focus on your investment? And if you’ve never invested in the US, how long will it take to get up to speed?

Working hard doesn’t mean working long hours. The key is efficiency – work hard without the tedious work. Not having to go through hours of disorganised processes saves you in the long run.

In order to become efficient, you need to do things correctly by having the right approach. This approach becomes your blueprint – it’s what you’ll keep using as a guide and ensure you’re on the right track to success.

We’ve previously shared with you the STARR approach, which gets the job done effectively and efficiently.

Here’s a quick breakdown on STARR:

S – Strategy

Every successful US investment portfolio starts with a strategy and every good strategy starts with a goal. 

Once you have a goal, you can build strategy around it. This will be the anchor and roadmap directing you towards your goal.

T – Team

We’ve already talked in-depth about the importance of having the right team.

If you have good ‘on-ground’ real estate professionals, property managers, and maintenance managers correctly handling your property investment, that’s a lot of time saved on your end – all you have to do is to regularly check up on your team and they’ll handle the rest.

A – Acquisition

Finding the right property in the right location can take days, weeks, or even months. To do this more efficiently, follow three R’s: research, review, and redo.

By knowing and actually following these steps, you will have a clearer mind when you process all the information you’ve researched. This will help ensure your sources are reliable too.

R – Renovation

Dedicate time in repairing and beautifying your property.

The more attractive your property is to renters, the quicker you’ll find your ideal tenant who won’t give you a hard time once they rent out your place.

The better repaired your property, the fewer repairs you’ll need to worry and spend time on in the future.

R – Realisation

By following these steps, not only can you easily bring in consistent returns of at least 10-12% after costs, you’ll also succeed in your investment with less time spent on it.

You can further cut down on your time on US investment by avoiding the common mistakes investors make. These mistakes are:

  1. Investing without or with the wrong strategy.
  2. Buying properties that are too expensive.
  3. Spending too much on renovations.
  4. Having the wrong ‘on-ground’ team.
  5. Having the wrong mindset.

Following the STARR approach and trying your best to avoid the common mistakes listed above will help save time and make managing your investments easier. But becoming an expert in anything, from the popular book Outliers by Malcome Gladwell, requires 10,000 hours (416 full days) of your time.

Using STARR doesn’t mean starting from zero – but it’s not going to magically turn 10,000 hours into 100. It takes time to fully understand and familiarise yourself with the US market: growth areas, procedures, processes, and nitty-gritty of investing.

But don’t lose hope!

If you really, really don’t have time to focus on investing in US property, but can’t pass up the opportunity, relax – you don’t have to quit work, lock the kids in a bedroom, and dedicate yourself to this for the next 416 days.

There is a better way.

Done For You US Property Investment Service

‘Done For You’ means you barely lift a finger – we’ll handle most of the heavy lifting from start to finish.

You don’t have to stress yourself by adding this to your long list of things to do. Not only can you count on us to work hard on your investment, but you can rest assured our professionally qualified team will do it right the first time.

Star Dynamic has been handling property investments in the US for years. We know where the best areas are and how to find them through our on-ground team.

We can also get you off-market deals which will save you thousands in costs! With our experience and expertise, you can count on the best outcome from every deal.

Our Done For You service called “Platinum Advocate Service” includes:

Investment Strategy

To get the results you want, we’ll sit down for a two-hour property investment strategy session so we can map out a clear strategy that will lead us to your investment goals. 

Here are several strategies we can choose from to develop an exceptional return every year:

Fix & Flip Strategy

  • Purchase of distressed homes, renovating to a solid standard, then selling to realise profits.
  • Annualised returns with multiple properties being flipped with at least a 50% ROI.

Cash Generation Strategy

  • This allows for a number of property flips throughout the year, with profits going towards the purchase, renovation, and tenanting of one property.
  • This works best if your goal is to buy 5-10 properties within the next three to five years.

B.R.R.R.R. Strategy

  • Buy, Renovation, Rent, Rinse, and Repeat.
  • Properties are purchased and renovated to a solid standard and tenanted. Once cash is flowing, we access private equity lenders to refinance the funds back out based on the appraised market value, allowing us to source the next property.

Source Property

Sourcing and analysing deals is incredibly time-consuming, especially if you’re not familiar with the US and its market. We’ll handle that and secure the property for you!

We’ll work on the creation of a Limited Liability Company structure (LLC) within the US on your behalf. We’ll also handle the title search for prospective properties, ensure closure on the property, and manage title companies.

Valuations/Property Inspections

Valuations and property inspections can be a tedious process – there’s so much to review and arrange. 

To ease this burden, we’ll take care of the following for you:

  • Arranging property inspection and reports.
  • Creating rental reports and valuations.
  • Arranging contractor scope of works including bids.
  • Setting up an Escrow account to enable payments and receipts of monies and EIN application including government fees.
  • Foreign exchange transfer of funds from AUD to USD (if needed).

Rehabilitation and Renovations

As stated in our STARR approach, renovations and repairs are crucial in making your properties worth renting. While you shouldn’t go overboard, a lot of time is still required in planning renovations and getting them done.

With our Platinum Advocate service, you won’t have to worry about this. Our team will manage a full rehab on your property, including progress payments and project tracking. 

Property Management and Tenants

Managing any property requires a lot of time and attention – you want your property to always be spick and span with minimal issues.

In the same way, you also need to put the effort into finding the right tenant. Each potential tenant needs to undergo proper screening. You don’t want to end up with someone who doesn’t pay rent or potentially damage your property.

Our team will handle this for you – from choosing the right property, maintenance managers, to finding your ideal tenant. We can also arrange property insurances as needed.

Facilitating Sale

Once your property is bought, renovated, and properly managed, the final step is to sell and close the deal.

We’ll list your property for sale and manage all other tasks until it’s closed. We can also provide taxation, accounting, or foreign exchange contacts.

Investing in US property – and ensuring its success – is very time-consuming. There are many ways to reduce the amount of time to get your investments done right. Even with all these helpful techniques, it will still take time to master investing and grow your portfolio. 

To save time and make the investment process passive, our Platinum Advocate service will give you peace of mind – we’ll handle your property investment from start to finish.

This means you don’t have to squeeze time from your already-tight schedule for properties knowing our expert US real estate team is on your side. You’ll maximise excellent returns without the hassle.

To find out if you qualify for a Do It for You US property investment service please book a consultation with us now.

To learn more about making smarter decisions around your property investments, download our Seven Simple Secrets to Investing in US Real Estate ebook.