Linz’ Musings – Jun 7th, 2019

G’day all 

Happy Friday and welcome to winter! Brrr… now while we don’t generally get snow as bad as the picture above in the more populated areas of Australia, those of us in the southern states at least, are feeling quite a blast of chill coming down! 

I posted a question on our Facebook page this week, asking what people’s favourite thing about Winter was…one of the funniest comments from the SD Facebook family was “the end...”  LOL 

But you know, this can be an interesting thought.  We can often find ourselves in less than ideal conditions in life or even investing.   

Now, stay with me here…  

It might be winter, it might be a deal that hasn’t seemed to work out the way it should, it might be a work related position you are now in… Often we gripe and moan about how bad things are…”Oh you will never believe what happened to me the other day…”  But does all this complaining really help?  Maybe makes you feel a little better to share the misery around some, but you will then also find less and less people join you around the water cooler (or heater)  

Truth is, complaining about a situation or action does little to help.  What can be useful, is to try and think of something good in this situation…anything at all, no matter how small.   

From a winter perspective, my wife says she loves the winter wardrobe!   

If you can somehow find something small that is good about a bad situation and then focus on that, you will often find it will firstly, help your frame of mind (more friends around the heater with you!) and secondly, can aid your subconscious mind to find a solution or way out of the problem. 

In investing terms, even if a deal is going sour, what is the best thing still about that deal?  Is it the location of the property? The layout? Close to a particular school or park… Whatever it is, if you can focus on that positive, often you will slowly see a thread form that can help weave you out of the sour deal and give you a better outcome! 

Have a great weekend all and Happy Investing…oh… and rug up!!