Linz’s Friday Musings – July 12th 2019

G’day all

Today I am writing this in a break from a Real Estate Conference I am attending in Brisbane (shout out to all the Brisbane-ites! What weather you have here!)

I say “Real Estate” loosely because really this is all about mindset, and one of my all-time favourite and most important events of the year (not my first rodeo I will admit – attended this event a few times). This is the Real Estate Millionaire Within event that I would highly recommend to anyone, and
I say important, because without mindset, growth and belief, all the strategy in the world is useless to you. Without the belief you can achieve, the mindset to be able to overcome the difficulty (and oh my, there will be difficulties!) and the growth learn and grow and be flexible in adversity, you will not be able to achieve success, whether it be in business, investments, wealth, or happiness.

It’s the growth and belief that you develop that allows you to firstly recognise opportunities and strategies that you can use. It’s that growth and belief that will allow you to take the strategies you KNOW you can apply and run with them. And then again, when things get tough, it is that growth, belief and mindset that allows you to push through the barriers, get up after the setbacks, and keep moving towards your goals.

If you have read any of my blogs or musings before, one of my favourite sayings – It not knowledge that is power, but the application of that knowledge. Yes, I agree, we all need knowledge. Hell, I’m pretty certain that none of us (myself included) put enough of our time each day aside to learn, read and grow (well, maybe my business coach who reads a minimum of 2 hours every day) but you get the idea. Knowledge is needed, learning is critical, but if you do not have the personal growth to apply that knowledge, if you don’t have the mindset to succeed in the adversity, then it becomes moot. Just another course we bought and placed on the bookshelf; just another book that looks great, but we never open the cover; just another strategy we have been taught that we never implement.

It is growth, mindset and belief that will allow us to take and use the tools we learn and to achieve. And its not something that will necessarily occur overnight, Growth takes time. But sometimes, Mindset and belief can be like a switch! Something will resonate with you, a key that will trigger that inner lock deep in your psyche that suddenly unlocks and all becomes clear…

Find yourself that key, however long your journey takes and suddenly the knowledge becomes vast and available…it was always there, you just couldn’t see it

Happy Investing all! And have a great weekend!!