Linz’s Friday Musings – August 8th 2019

G’day all

Wow, what a blistering wintery Friday we have here in Melbourne, and I believe this “arctic blast” (media’s term not mine LOL) is due to hit or hitting most of the south east region of the country as I write this! It’s days like this that you really want to stoke the fire, open the curtains (love seeing the rain outside) and sit with a good book and a red. These days can give us a good reason to stop and ponder, reflect on where we are, where we have come and where we are going.

I was doing a coaching call last night with one of my business coaches and we were discussing Universal Laws. Deep I know, but very valuable as everything relates back to universal laws. Di Vinci and Einstein were certainly big advocates of this.

One of the things that really resonated with me was the principle of 7. Without going into deep detail here, we can relate everything in life back to the principle of 7. This comes from music and light, the latter being what everything is essentially made of. For instance, if you shine a beam of white light through a prism, it breaks into is 7 components (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). Likewise, in music, an octave is made up of 7 notes…etc

Now this can be applied to business and life as well…for instance, we can break our life up into 7 segments – health, family, social, finance, career, intellect & intimacy. But even with the principle of 7 there is always an 8th segment. For instance, with light you have the white light first that breaks into 7; with sound if you hit all 7 notes in an octave you get an 8th; so what is the 8th segment in life?


The 8th segment of life is Why. The Why is what enables us to drive the other 7 segments and strive to achieve in all these. And this really got me thinking. Are we always framing everything we do back to our 8th and highest segment? Do we always ask why are we doing something before we go ahead? We should.

I will also admit, I think I have let this one slip in the past few months as well. We get so busy making a living we forget to make a life and look at why? I am certainly going to go back to the why. Why do I do this business? To help other Aussies learn and experience the US market and profit from it. To help Investors avoid the scams, and pitfalls that seem rife in this industry. The Why is everything.

What’s your why?

Happy Investing all! And have a great weekend!!