Linz’s Friday Musings – September 13th 2019

G’day all 

Happy Friday once again! Apart from a nice cold blast mother nature decided to hit us with last weekend in Melbourne, it is nice to see the weather starting to warm up. 

Speaking of warming up, Helen attended a brilliant weekend event last weekend in Melbourne for Grace Lever. Grace is a business coach for many entrepreneurial women (including Helen), and to see the calibre of some of the attendees, some already making 6 and 7 figure incomes through their business is mind blowing! If you haven’t heard of Grace, check her out, amazing stuff!

The things these amazing women are able to achieve (Helen included while still working full time) is more than incredible – huge shout out to all of them, including Helen. 

Speaking of time, I was reading a blog from another mentor of mine, Jon Giaan, whom I have been following for years, taking about where the heck is all our leisure time!  If you go back 50 years, everyone was saying that technology would advance so much and make everything easier, it would give us so much more time… err, but what happened?  This is so true.   

We now have phone watches (I guess we skipped the shoe-phone, sorry 99) and the internet has brought any information we require to our fingertips, but everyone is working hard (and longer) than ever… seems an oxymoron really. 

John’s point though, of the article, is that the Beastie Boys were right – we have to fight for our right to party!  We need to work harder, smarter, more efficiently for our right to enjoy ourselves, take time out and live life. 

If we are not working so hard for our lifestyle, why are we fighting?  It’s the lifestyle we want that makes all the hard work that we, and those hundreds of entrepreneurial ladies in Grace’s event last weekend work so hard.  The balance to ensure we have profitability AND lifestyle is certainly the fight worth fighting, so who is in your corner?  

Have a great weekend all, fight hard and Happy Investing!!