Linz’ Musings – April 5th, 2019

G’day all

Happy Friday! April is upon us, and its almost time in the Southern states to put our clocks back to normal. I will admit I am a fan of daylight savings to a point, the extra daytime in the evening is fantastic during summer periods, but I do think it goes on a bit too long. Getting up at 6:30am to head to the gym is certainly not early compared to a lot of people, to be still dark in March is crazy really, and even this week, still almost dark when I finished at 7:15! Wow. Anyway, as they say, change your clocks, change your smoke alarm batteries!

I was reminded this week by our wonderful neighbourhood Facebook, of a seminar I attended two years ago in Sydney and was able to see Arnold Schwarzenegger speak and meet him. Probably a highlight for me as he as been one of my heroes, with what he has been able to achieve. To have reached the pinnacle of success in not 1, but 4 completely different industries – Bodybuilding, Real Estate, Acting, Politics is incredible. I guess it does just show that whatever you put your mind to, no matter how different, you can achieve.

During the seminar he spoke about his 5 Rules for Success and elaborated on each. Funnily enough, a week or so ago, Facebook also showed me a video of the same speech he had done elsewhere (this is not a recording of the Sydney seminar i went to but another). I posted this on our Facebook site but here it is again below if you didn’t catch it, just click on the photo. This is a cut down version, only around 7 mins, so I definitely recommend you watch it when you can. In brief, his 5 rules are:

1. Find Your Vision

2. Think Big

3. Ignore the Naysayers

4. Work Like Hell – he uses slightly different terminology 🙂

5. Give back

Go ahead and watch this and he goes into each one briefly. I love the quote right at the end, and am going to put this on my wall:

“If not us, who? If not now, when?”


Have a great weekend all and Happy Investing!!