US Property Investing – February 9th, 2019

G’day all!

Happy Valentines Day! With February 14th shortly upon us, its always an interesting debate of those who love the day versus those who claims it’s just an excuse to sell chocolates, wine and dinners. I think the concept is great and it does give us an opportunity to stop and appreciate those that we love, whether our partners, family or friends. In our journey through life, we will often need the support of these critical people, and without that support it’s a difficult road for sure. Its nice to stop and say thanks, although we should ensure to do that more than once per year!

In the past two weeks we have covered 2 of the 4-pack of the “traits of the successful”. This week, I want to look at our 3rd – Determination.

Tying in with the support of the people around us, it can often be our determination that keeps us pushing forward even when we do not necessarily have that support. Our friends and family often can see the struggle and want to “help” by telling you to rest up; don’t keep trying for that goal, that job, that business, that investment; “you can’t do that”; “you won’t make it” etc. Its not that they are trying to ensure you fail, is more they see you hurting, they see that its hard and want to help you end the pain. It’s the determination you have that will allow you to say “thanks, but I’m pushing on”; “I’m pushing through this barrier”; “I CAN do it and will”; “i CAN make it, you’ll see”. Determination is also the realisation that the pain or struggle is only temporary and that things do get easier, do get less painful.

A great analogy I read from one of my mentors the other day, was that of a child learning to walk. First few times, they try to stand and take that first step, then fall. They may hurt themselves and cry and Mum or Dad will comfort them. But the child doesn’t think to themselves “this hurts, this is hard, I’m not going to try that again, this walking “thing” is not for me!” A short time later they are back at it again, possibly hurting themselves again; then trying again. Before you know it, your chasing them across the room. Without even realising, the child had the Determination to succeed at walking. Yes it was tough; yes it was hard; yes it hurt sometimes, but they succeeded and their life is never the same again.

As adults, we need to get that “child-like Determination” back! That determination to push through the tough times knowing that its temporary and that once we get through, things get easier, better!

If you want to look into investing, even though it might seem hard, or difficult, reach out! We would love to help. For any more information on what Star Dynamic Property Investments can do for you follow the link below to our website or Facebook page and check us out!

Have a great weekend all and happy investing !!