US Property Investing – Feb 15th 2019

G’day all!

Here we are half way through February already and who’s with me asking “Where is this year going?!” Maybe it is something that happens as we get older, time seems to go by faster. I even had my 15 year old son mention to me last night on the way home, “that he felt at the current rate of time movement, the weekend would be over in an hour!” haha! Now, I’m not certain that’s a fact, but it certainly can sometimes feel like it. We do though, need to be careful that we are not putting off things that we need to do NOW, until tomorrow. We find that as the days turn to weeks then months, the old saying “tomorrow never comes” gets more and more true. We go through our days, working and trying to make a living, but forget that we need to also take time to make a life! Same as any business coach would give you advice on your business, transpose that into your daily life – don’t forget to put some time aside from working IN your life and work ON your life. Set those goals, do something that takes you a step towards them each day, week, month before the year catches us again!

Now, so far we have covered 3 of the 4-pack of the “traits of the successful”. As Meatloaf says “3 out of 4 ain’t bad!” Oh wait, maybe he said 2 out of 3…anyway, i digress. Now we are up to our 4th and last trait – Commitment.

Successful people aren’t gifted, they are “gritty”. Grit is the commitment to do whatever it takes to succeed. I think we have a myth currently that when we see someone successful, whether it be in sport, or music, movies, or business, we feel that they are “gifted”, something they have been born with or an advantage they have. If you dig deeper behind the scenes, more often than not you will find that their success was not a overnight thing, but was down to the commitment they had. Looking deeper, when most people gave up and rested, the successful people kept moving, kept pushing, kept trying. They practised, tried, worked, failed, got up, tried again, over and over. Their commitment to do what it took to succeed is what set them apart from the others, its what allowed them to rise to the top of their field. Its this commitment to ourselves, commitment to our goals and commitment to our future that we need to have. Combined with the other traits – Focus, Disciple, and Determination, the commitment will allow you to see it through and win!

If you are committed to making a change this year to your financial future and want to start investing in property or want to add high cashflow properties to your portfolio, we would love to help. For any more information on what Star Dynamic Property Investments can do for you follow the link below to our website or Facebook page and check us out!

Have a great weekend all and happy investing !!