Two investment properties within nine months for Star Dynamic client

Building a property portfolio that generates passive income seems like utopia and only available to the chosen few.   

But with some understanding, guidance, and willingness to pursue new opportunities, it can be done. 

And that is what a recent Star Dynamic client did. 

As a business consultant, Katie Potter understands the importance and value of strong financial practises to future-proof the organisations she works with. 

Having been on the frontline of consulting companies for the last 7 years, seeing some prosper and others fail was a catalyst for Katie to turn her attention towards securing her own personal financial future. 

Investing in our domestic property market has long been heralded as the “Australian dream” but for Katie, it was more of a nightmare. 

“Initially, I thought my best chance to get into the property market was to buy a house. I looked Melbourne-wide, but the prices were too high for what you got in return. I’d always ask for a better deal and see what modifications were needed to these homes.” 

Through trial and error, it became clear that Katie wasn’t searching for her future home but instead an investment opportunity. 

“I realised I was an investor and the property I needed wasn’t for living in but to build wealth and help create the future I wanted for myself.” 

With this knowledge and renewed confidence in finding a property, Katie started looking beyond our shores to invest. 

International investment opportunities   

A simple Google search for “international property investment” results in a plethora of options. There are options to do it yourself, let others do it for you, weekend information seminars, blogs, podcasts and news articles. 

It’s a flooded market and Katie, with her analytical brain, spent hours trawling this information to identify a way forward. 

She discovered an opportunity to buy property in New Zealand and quickly pulled together the resources to do so and purchased her first investment property. But with the benefit of hindsight, Katie admits it was a dangerous move. 

“I did okay out of this experience but being new to the process, it could have been a risk too. I needed to be more informed about what I was doing and the potential ramifications of investing overseas.” 

Many courses ‘sell’ the dream of property investment but fail to educate students about the research and hard work required to do it correctly. 

Fortunately, Katie survived, and this experience only sharpened her resolve to intelligently invest overseas again. 

While researching high-growth areas of the United Kingdom (UK) property market, Katie found a much more appealing option outside of the mother country.  

After realising a three-to-four bedroom home can be purchased outright for less than the cost of a deposit in Australia, Katie was convinced she needed to invest in the United States (US). 

Investing in the $27 trillion dollar US residential housing market

Over time, Katie has built a support network of investors to help each other navigate their property investment journey. When she told them of her decision to focus on the US residential market, a UK investor friend told her to speak with Star Dynamic Property Investments. 

Katie did her due diligence and contacted several US property investors, but only one bothered to get back to her. 

“Lindsay from Star Dynamic had a genuine interest in me and didn’t push his services. Our first phone call was about me sussing him out. I had direct questions for him and he had accurate answers every time. It was reassuring to hear that Lindsay has a team of professionals on the ground in the US who work with him to find properties that return on the investment made,”

“But I told Lindsay I wasn’t ready right then and he was fine with it. In fact, he told me I could speak with him whenever I needed to run ideas past him. He didn’t have an agenda and I appreciated that.”

After about four months and a few further conversations with Lindsay, Katie was ready to ramp-up her US property investment and engaged Star Dynamic to help educate, support and work with her to secure financial freedom. 

This engagement initially started with Star Dynamic’s Fix and Flip Academy and the Investors Inner Circle. 

The Fix and Flip Academy is a ‘do it yourself’ online system that coaches you on how to set up, source, renovate, tenant and if needed sell US property.  

The Investors Inner Circle gives you access to Star Dynamic’s on the ground US-team to help manage your projects, access off-market deals before they hit the market, negotiate strategies to save you thousands and help build strategies that boost returns on property sales. 

For the first few months, Katie committed to learning about the US residential property market as a way to safeguard her future and escape the daily grind of fighting for money. 

Once Katie’s momentum built, nothing was going to stop her. 

“I followed the coaching of Lindsay and his team and within three weeks, I was able to put in an offer for a great property in Michigan for $15,000 USD below the asking price and I was successful.”

Katie was so excited and brimming with confidence that it wasn’t long before she went again. With her first property completed, renovated and ready for tenants, she purchased her second property. 

It’s two great results within nine months. 

How to invest in the US property market 

The US residential property market represents a major opportunity for Australian investors, as Katie’s story highlights. 

Investing in property in Australia is daunting enough and adding in an intentional market with foreign rules and regulations is a whole new ball game.  

But with the right help and guidance, you can be the next success story. The best time to start learning about US property investment is now and the best place is our Fix and Flip Academy. 

The Fix and Flip Academy is an online training program that steps you through the entire process of fixing and flipping property in the US. It’s an eight-part module of everything we’ve learnt from flipping more than 100 properties ourselves (and several more for our clients). 

Applying what you’ve learned after the eight modules will enable you to earn good profits and build your wealth through bricks and mortar. 

To learn how to get started investing in the $27 trillion dollar US residential property market, join our 5-day Facebook challenge. 

Each day you’ll be tasked with completing a 20-30 minute challenge and coached through how to do it. We focus on topics like determining a solid investment strategy, how to identify locations to invest in, how to choose a supportive team to help you, how to analyse a property’s potential and then how to bring it all together in a guide you can use moving forward. 

“For me it’s simple. Without Star Dynamic I wouldn’t have any properties in the US. Lindsay went above and beyond to ensure my property deals went smoothly. I can’t thank him enough for that,” said Katie. 

If you see the opportunity that the US property markets presents, sign up to our 5 Day Facebook Challenge