Tips to Surviving the Pandemic

G’day all

As I write this, Australia appears to be tip-toeing into total lock-down, changing the rules state by state, hour by hour…  Meanwhile, in the US, Trump appears to be dead set on reopening everything by Easter come hell or high water… interesting times I see.

While I certainly cannot predict what is going to happen in the next few weeks, or even few months for that matter, I can tell you that we will certainly get through this.

I can also say, that what we do now, in the next few weeks, will make a difference as to how well we come out the other end…

It’s what we do in the next few weeks that will define us as a nation and as people.  Are you going to be proud of what you achieved, what you were able to do over this period, or embarrassed by your choices?  It’s up to you…

We have all seen over the past 3-4 weeks that the J O B is no longer as secure as we thought it might be… hundreds of thousands are now immediately out of work in Oz with the number only to grow…

And a number of people will unfortunately not be able to go back to work once everything gets back to ‘normal’ either… Because there will be a NEW normal.

Impacts from a crisis to the magnitude of this, can be forever; things will change, the way business will be done in months/years to come, will change.  Our society will change.  We saw it after the Spanish Flu of 1918, the Great Depression of 1929, the stock market crash in 1987 (Black Monday), the dot com bust in the early 2000’s, GFC in 2007 – after each of these events, the world was not the same.

Just taking the GFC most recently, changes to the banking sector and how money lending occurs changed forever.

We will see our economies, business etc will change, and never be the same again.  And this is not necessarily bad…just different.

Business will be forced over this period to become more lean, more agile, trade will be different, countries will start to become more self-sufficient again (finally!) and less reliant on overseas trade…it will be – different.

So here are a couple of tips to make sure that we all come out of this better:

  1. Follow our Leaders’ Instructions – first and foremost, this is critical.  During the bushfires over Christmas, all of a sudden everyone is an environmental expert and now all these brilliant people are now Virologists… please…  We have leaders of the country who DO have the experts advising them, so the best thing we can do right now is do what the Coach is telling us… full stop…
  2. Keep Moving – although we cannot go to the gym and probably shortly not the ‘outdoor boot camp’ group either, but we can still keep exercising.  Find an online app, YouTube videos, DVD’s, whatever works for you.  There are even PT’s now offering online sessions.  Fitness is critical to not only to your immune system, but your mental state.
  3. Eat Healthy and get into good habits – Drink plenty of water & eat healthily while you can.  It can be easy to fall into bad habits during periods of isolation.  Thinking it ‘won’t matter if…’ will only make you feel worse about yourself and feel unhealthy. Nothing wrong with the odd glass of wine, but now is the best time to get into healthy eating habits, get lots of sleep, get up early, get yourself into good patterns.
  4. Be kind and patient with people – again, I cannot stress this enough.  People are genuinely scared and worried, as none of us have been through this before, or know how to react.  Now is the best time to be kind and patient, especially with loved ones.  People are stressed – it isn’t about you…
  5. Read and/or listen to podcasts/videos to improve yourself – personal development is a great option right now.  While I am not saying don’t watch Netflix, relaxation is also a good habit, but spending 30 minutes per day on personal development is putting deposits into your future wealth account!  With all the media and news out there so doom & gloom, we need some positivity to offset this and keep us moving forward – plant those positive seeds and watch goodness grow.
  6. Learn something – here’s a real bonus to having some time on our hands right now – Self Education!  Take this time to learn something that will benefit you moving forward.  Income creation techniques, study investing, learn a new skill.  Anything you have a passion for.  Spend time mastering this and you will be in a perfect position to launch at new opportunities when the shutters go back up!

You got this!

Happy Investing all and have a great weekend!!