The Aliens are coming… Or are they here?

G’day all

Well, its Friday again, and marks the end of what has been a tragic week for mankind…

I must say, this past couple of weeks, I have been ashamed of humanity, disgusted by the actions of not only the few, but of the many, not only in the U.S. but here in Australia too. 

What happened in the U.S. to George Floyd was a tragedy no doubt.  The fact that there had to be protests before the officers involved where brought to justice was just dumbfounding.

That this is just another event in a string of cases in the U.S and STILL people are not seeing the evil in this, is again, mind blowing… Almost surreal.

And then, I get the protests across the country, but the looting, stealing, vandalism?  Burning down businesses that have been barely surviving during this crisis anyway?  What the…

How does smashing shop windows to steal televisions help George Floyd’s family or any other individual that could suffer the same at the hand of police brutality?

And then, after all that, there is the Joker card – Trump.  Wow.  Just wow…

At a time of national upheaval in America, Trumps answer, rather than try to unite the country, is to threaten to bring in the U.S. Military…  The single force that was put in place and designed to PROTECT the United States from foreign adversity and uphold a constitution that explicitly protects the rights of citizens to peacefully protest.

Even the former Defence Secretary, Jim Mattis has had to finally break his silence and denounce the militarisation of the U.S. response to the unrest by saying “Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime that does not try to unite the American people – does not even pretend to try.” 

He even drew a comparison to the U.S. war against Nazi Germany saying that the U.S. troops at the time where reminded before the Normandy invasion that “the Nazi slogan for destroying us was Divide and Conquer

Is this really what Trump is thinking?  Divide and conquer the American people?  This just cannot be happening…  I cannot help but think he is an alien put here to begin some form of takeover by turning us against ourselves…

And yet, even here in Melbourne, there is planned a protest for the Black Lives Matter cause, which of course they do… as do ALL lives.  But really, after Australia having done so well to stop the spread of COVID-19 in this country, they are predicting some 30,000 people think it is a safe and sound idea to break all social distancing rules and laws?

In a year where we even had to give up our own ANZAC day marches and services due to the virus; we had to find other ways of show support for the thousands of men and women in this country that fought in wars to give us the freedom we have now – we cannot seem to think it maybe pertinent to also find a safer way right now to show support for the Black Lives Matter cause?

We are facing one of the most significant economic downturns in our lifetime, and just as we look to be possibly able to move past it, around 30,000 Victorians are going to gather on the steps of parliament and walk down Bourke street…

If even a couple of hundred people contract Coronavirus from this, it could set our state and possibly our country back months…

Months that many small, medium and even large businesses in the country do not have.

I am certainly not down playing the cause, I completely understand that support is needed right now, but if even 1 person dies from COVID-19 due to this rally; if even 1 business owner goes bankrupt due to increased lockdown rules and takes his/her own life after this rally… is that acceptable?

In an age where I really believed we were moving into the era of intuition, where more and more of humanity were becoming increasingly aware and conscious of the world around us, we look to set ourselves back decades in just a few short weeks.

Ah, but as the sun streams in my window, and I look across the marina at a beautiful Melbourne winters day, not a cloud in the sky, I am reminded there is always hope for humanity.  Hope is what keeps us moving forward, even in the darkest of hours…

Hope and faith – knowing that this too will pass, and better days are coming.

I am, though, going to keep my eye to the sky for any sign of UFO activity, because that is what must be next this year… right?

You got this!

Happy Investing all and have a great weekend!!