Linz’s Musings – The Selling Season is here…

After a beautiful weekend, weatherwise here in Melbourne, the first week of May now descends into a taste of winter for us.

And while we are finding it getting cooler, particularly in the southern states, the U.S. is starting to heat up!

With their economy soaring a massive 6.4% and the hot selling season of their spring/summer just upon us now, this year could certainly be a case of ‘hold onto your hats folks’!

With the U.S. market on such an incline, this next spring summer period could set some records.  With the stimulus packages apparently doing their job, it will be really interesting to watch the next few months.

We will be listing 3-4 properties this month alone, maybe more as a number of our rehabs come to a close, and we are currently very aggressive on our pricing.  One particular property had two people interested before it was even listed!

And while it may see like an ideal time to get into the market right now, with media here in Australia, New Zealand and even the U.S. predicting massive upswings in prices, each type of market comes with its own set of challenges.

In hot markets like this, while selling properties is not really an issue, buying them may certainly be tricky.  Many sellers get caught up in the market hype and want far too much for their houses, even in poor condition, so be careful not to pay too much.

Here’s the thing… any market is a good time to invest, just know the market, know the challenges and plan/adapt.

Oh and with Mothers day here in Australia, just around the corner, this Sunday, big shout out to all the successful mum’s out there, Happy Mothers Day to all the mums!