Looking for a Unicorn?

G’day all

Its Friday here again (Happy Friday!) and another dice roll for a summers day in Melbourne.  Certainly not the perfect summer this year, but we certainly can’t wait for a ‘perfect’ summer to enjoy ourselves, right?!

Same as if we are driving to the beach (summer reference there again!) we cannot wait for all green traffic lights before we start the trip.  We just need to head out and be flexible with our journey – stop when we need to stop; turn when we need to turn; and go when we can…

Investing is the same.

I was talking to an investor the other day, and she was asking me how many perfect deals had I done – the ones that have massive payouts, mind blowing absolutely cannot lose deals? 

My answer was…none…

Now I am not saying I have not had good deals, I have had a ton of them, but if I had been waiting for that one of a kind unicorn payout, I would still be waiting…

I have certainly seen investors find them from time to time, and these are the deals that get most of the spotlight, but in the meantime, for every 10 investors that’s spent years looking for the ‘perfect’ deal to start, there is one who is quietly going about their business, finding good solid investments, over and over again, and retiring…

I was reading a piece by one of my real estate mentors this week, and she was comparing investing to writing… More specifically was referring to the 19th Century novelist Anthony Trollope.

Now in an age where most writers were sitting under trees, waiting for that perfect ‘inspiration’ to strike, starving, Trollope was churning out 750+ words per hour.  He quickly became the target of many critics, frowning at the volume of his output, particularly after he admitted he wrote for money.  After starting his writing career at 30, he went on to publish 47 novels and many other short stories and non-fiction pieces.  Trollope had a very solid career, despite the critics and was, in his own words, “extremely comfortable”.

Trollope did not wait for inspiration to strike, to try to write a number 1 best seller to catapult him to stardom and glory… he just kept writing, book after book, some good, some average, some probably even ordinary.

Generating wealth through property investing, is essentially the same…  It is made by the daily hustle.  Finding a strategy that resonates with you, delivers consistent profits and then just churning out as many deals as you can.

You don’t have to find that ‘Unicorn’, it’s not glory or stardom, there’s no magic bullet, it’s just rolling up your sleeves and doing the work.  Slow and steady.  And wealth will come quicker than you think.

You got this!

Happy Investing all and have a great weekend!!