Linz’s Musings – Is there a Perfect Storm Brewing?

G’day all

With just 4 weeks to Christmas and Thanksgiving weekend (week) in the U.S, 2020 is almost behind us.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our U.S friends and colleagues!!

While its been a roller coaster of a year, and I will bet the majority of us will be looking forward to putting up that new calendar, now is the best time to start setting up that new year!

While I have said for some time, I am ceasing to be amazed by anything this year, there are still some things that astound me…

I am very appreciative of the relax in restrictions here in Melbourne and we no longer need to wear our masks outside I was trying to work out what I needed to do on the weekend when headed to my local for a drink…

So I was able to walk the 5 minutes to the pub without the mask, had to put it on to walk the 20 metres to the bar to order a drink, then remove it again when I got to the table…? Is it just me, or does this not make sense?

I guess these are the rules and we play by them…just as at the moment, the U.S Residential housing market is on an absolute tear, while some states are going back into lockdown and they are seeing tens of thousands of cases a day still coming through…

Also doesn’t really make sense, but again, this is the market we have, so let’s make hay while the sun shines.

In all this madness, oftentimes crisis = opportunity. And while we may be fearful of the volatility and what ‘might’ happen, there is certainly a perfect storm brewing in the U.S. Market.

Record low interest rates (almost worldwide), coupled with the Housing market on a tear due to a three Trillion dollar stimulus package from the outgoing Pres, and then add to that the AUD/USD at almost high rates in 18 months… wow!

With prices on properties in AU / NZ and many other local markets skyrocketing there has never been a better time to learn about the options within the U.S. market!

I ran a live webinar last night to go through the market forces we are seeing and really, even as I was covering the information, I was thinking to myself, what an incredible year 2021 will be in the U.S market.

If you missed our webinar last night but interested to hear more about the market and what is predicted for 2021, pop us a quick reply to this message and we can arrange a time to chat!

You got this!

Happy Investing all and have a great weekend!!

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