Linz’s Musings –A time for Celebration and Reflection

Happy Easter to everyone!  It is insane how quickly this year is moving already, with Easter upon us once again.

I love this time of year, while not a huge fan of chocolate, it does give me a great opportunity to pause, relax and reflect on how the year has started.

Footy is back, autumn weather in Melbourne is lovely, and with banks and most businesses closing for a long weekend here in Oz, it’s a great time to take a breath…

How has your year started?

Is it what you expected?

The pandemic is still showing us it is here to stay and Brisbane-ites may even have to face Easter in a lock-down…

But sometimes, with the speed of life now, we can get so caught up in the day to day, the fast-moving pace of business and life, time just drifts past us before we know.

We do not often think to periodically stop, reassess, and make sure we are still headed in the right direction.

What if the wind has changed on us?

Did any of our decisions not turn out as we expected?

Do we need to adjust course?

These are all things that should be reviewed regularly.

Personally, at the end of each month, we take a half day and celebrate the month gone.  Then, first day of the new month, again, spend 3-4 hours reviewing how the previous month went, and planning for the next.

Now while everyone may not have the same opportunity to do this, Easter can be a great time to force us to take a breather and have a quick look on what we have been able to achieve so far, and where we need to adapt to keep momentum going.

It is important in this review, to celebrate your wins, no matter how small.  Celebrate the achievements you have been able to make so far, regardless of how many to go.

Then, we can review what changes, tweaks or adjustments can be made to increase the pace or keep progressing.

Progress and action are important, but equally so is rest, celebration, and review.

So, this weekend, kick the feet up, celebrate what you have achieved so far in 2021 and prep for a big 2nd quarter!