Linz’s Friday Musings – December 13th 2019

G’day all

Friday the 13th!  Look out!  Now, I am certainly not superstitious, but I know a lot of people are, so careful around ladders and black cats today hey…hehe

Hoping all your Christmas parties and catch ups are going well this time of year, we have one later today, looking forward to that, and our official Star Dynamic Christmas party next week!

This will be our last newsletter for the year, so you can all focus on your Christmas and family, and I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas from all of us here at Star Dynamic!

I was reading two articles this week by two huge mentors of mine in the property industry – Dymphna Boholt in Oz and Dean Graziosi in the US.  Both were writing about the mindset of money and how much impact this has on us and our success and it really got me thinking…

Dymphna even went on to say she was talking to one of her students, discussing their goals and aspirations and the student was insisting that they wanted the money, to help their parents pay their mortgage, help a friend start a business, start a refuge for abandoned horses etc… which are noble goals… thing is this person couldn’t pay their rent and was living off credit card debt, hell, one medical emergency away from bankrupt.

See, what Dymphna is trying to explain to her student, and also what Dean was explaining, is that generally it is that WE do not feel worthy of money or success, so we develop a ‘money messiah complex’.  We want to get rich so we can help everyone else…save everyone so to speak – not for us, because making money for us is bad…

The issue here is that this never works.  Firstly, without a mindset that allows you to be comfortable to gain wealth YOURSELF, you will never actually have enough to help anyone…

Further, by continually looking to ‘save’ people you are entering the Drama Triangle as the hero, always thinking the other person is a ‘victim’ and requires saving.  This can never end well, and oftentimes ruins relationships etc. 

I can’t do a deep dive into the Drama Triangle here, would take too long, but it is a brilliant concept to help avoid conflict in relationships – reach out if you would like more information on this, I can send it through.

I know I have touched on this subject before, but even in this period just before Christmas, be conscious of your money mindset.  Do you feel you are worthy of success, of wealth?  Or are you thinking that you are simply working hard ‘to help everyone else’ not for yourself? 

Be conscious of trying to ‘save’ people.  Don’t get me wrong, giving is one of the most rewarding experiences in this world, and it is incredible to be able to give to others.  I have found the ability to help others, more rewarding than anything I have ever done.  But to do this right, you must also be secure within yourself, confident and comfortable that you are in a good position to be able to help others.  Not trying or wanting to play the Hero…

As a recent Virgin Australia airline steward mentioned to me last week – “ensure to fit your own mask first, before helping other guests…”

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Investing…!!