How to find a real estate agent you can trust

You’ve fully renovated your newly purchased investment property in the U.S and you’re gunning to sell for an outstanding profit or bring in some quality tenants – but the onslaught of marketing and fielding questions from interested parties is becoming a struggle.


Not only is the distance a problem, but the significant time zone differences between Australia and the U.S can affect the urgency of your communications and document signing. A potential buyer can only stay interested for so long before being lured by a more enticing property, leaving you at a disadvantage as an Aussie/NZ vendor. 


This is why you need to hire a real estate agent in the U.S.A to help take your residential investment property to the next level. 


Having a trustworthy real estate agent that potential buyers and tenants can contact and meet up with in person gives a property instant credibility as well as open communications for smoother transactions. A trustworthy real estate agent will also look after your marketing and advertising campaigns, putting in the work to engage interested parties and get the word out for you. 


If you hire an agent you don’t trust or one that has a poor reputation, you risk the selling process for your property, leading to bad sales and a poor return on investment. 


Investing in the U.S.A is more than just wiring the money over and waiting for profit, it’s about building a business around the investment and hiring the right people to get the job done, no matter how far away you are. 

What does a real estate agent do in the U.S.A?


A real estate agent is someone who is licensed to buy and sell properties, negotiate on your behalf, and list the property for you. Since they’re experts in their field they know where to publicise your property, how to market it, and determine its value for the best possible sale result.


A real estate agent is the face that the buyer sees and interacts with and they will be the person who will see your sale through from beginning to end.


Home showings are a big part of the selling process. A good real estate agent will make sure that everything is in tip-top condition and give interested parties an informative walk through as they view your property. They’ll be able to frame the most attractive features of the home to gain attention from more buyers and get some competitive offers started.


Even though some people use the terms interchangeably, real estate agents differ from brokers or realtors. Brokers have acquired extra licensing through supplemental training that allows them to hire real estate agents. While they have many of the same duties as real estate agents they can operate independently, with added credibility. 


A realtor is a licensed member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). A realtor can have any profession under the real estate umbrella, like being a salesperson, property manager, or even a real estate agent or broker, too. 

Why a real estate agent is necessary when investing in and selling residential real estate in the U.S.A 


When you’ve successfully refitted the property to your standards, it’s time to think about selling it. You’ve upped its value significantly with the work you’ve carried out but the difficulty is determining its price, as you may not be familiar with the area or prices of similar properties.


A real estate agent knows these things as it’s part of their skillset. Their hands-on knowledge, along with additional research allows them to accurately value a property and price it so that you can maximise your profit. Because they’re expert negotiators and salespeople, they can boost your property listing to make them stand out from those around it. 


They’re also in the best situation for home showings and to answer questions that potential buyers have. It’s just more convenient as they can make the quick drive over to the property and keep you in the loop.


Selling your property will be much easier with the help of a trustworthy real estate agent who has your best interest in mind. 


Once the sale is made, your real estate agent can then help you find a quality new property to invest in, prolonging your business relationship and increasing your cash flow. Because of their experience, market knowledge and property access, they can become a de-facto advisor you can rely on for your next residential property investment. 

How to find a good real estate agent in the U.S.A


While it may be tempting to hire any real estate agent listed online and get started quickly, you need to remember that the profit you earn from this property weighs heavily on how well your real estate agent performs. 


It’s worth putting extra effort into finding the right person for the job. They need to have proven credentials, experience, and skills to help maximise your return on investment.


Start by asking friends, family, or other associates for any real estate agents in the U.S that they recommend. Someone in the industry (or even already in your business team or network) may already have connections and can recommend a real estate agent they think has the skills to help you. 


Look for someone who has proven long term experience in the same local area as your property purchase or sale. The more they know about that particular neighbourhood and the history of the property, the better. They’ll have a clear reading of local property value, market trends and desired property features to make comparisons and price approximations for you, as well as be able to emphasise community benefits to those looking to buy. 


Once you’ve found a suitable agent or shortlisted a few people, do your research. It may be an extra step, but it’s crucial to help you single out the best choice. Find out what properties they’ve worked on, who they’ve worked with and how they operate. This will paint a better picture of how compatible they are for your investment needs. They may be a brilliant agent, but if they can’t work or communicate with you, you won’t find any value in their services. 


When you are satisfied with your research results you then need to hold an interview. Ask questions like:


  • How much experience do you have?
  • How familiar are you with the local market?
  • How many properties have you dealt with? 
  • What do you think an investor can do to improve the home and raise its price?


Following this process will help you to secure a trusted agent that has your interest in mind and will put their best into your property sale.


A good real estate agent can be difficult to find but it’s not impossible. The U.S.A is full of experienced agents who are keen to work with you. All you have to do is whittle down to the ones you’re most eager and most comfortable to work with. Save yourself the headache and stress and make sure it comes down to an agent you can trust.

If you are looking for an experienced and trustworthy real estate agent in the United States, we’ve got plenty in our network ready to help, download our training kit for free here.