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Never Underestimate the Time and Cost of a House Flip

Some people want to get into flipping houses because it looks like a fast and profitable way to build an income. It can be. But the biggest mistake that people who get into the business make is they underestimate how much time it’s going to take. They also underestimate how much it’s going to cost. […]

Linz’s Friday Musings – July 12th 2019

G’day all Today I am writing this in a break from a Real Estate Conference I am attending in Brisbane (shout out to all the Brisbane-ites! What weather you have here!) I say “Real Estate” loosely because really this is all about mindset, and one of my all-time favourite and most important events of the […]

Is Flipping Right for You?

A handful of shows on TV have featured house flipping as a way of life. They show the ups and downs of getting into the business. It looks like fun and you might be wondering if it’s something that you should get involved with. You can decide if that’s the case by taking inventory or […]

Linz’ Musings – July 5th, 2019

G’day all While we are all waking up to a gorgeous Friday morning (at least here in Melbourne ☺ ) The US is coming to a close on their July 4th Celebrations!  Happy July 4th to all our American mates! And Happy Friday to the Aussies! As the sun rises here, and the US celebrate […]

Acquiring Property Deals…

My father was a very shrewd businessman, one of the best i knew, and one principle he always taught me was that “you make your money when you BUY something, not when you sell”. Now, I get that you need to sell something to realise the profit, but essentially what he meant was that if […]

Linz’ Musings – June 28th, 2019

G’day all Happy Friday! The only way is up right!? With winter solstice behind us, days start getting longer now… although it is going to take some time to recognise this. The US are now in their summer break, schools are on holidays and people are enjoying the warmer weather there. Be a nice time […]

Analysis of the RBA’s Rate Cut in Australia

This week I wanted to give you a quick analysis of the impact in Australia of the rate cut seen recently.  Probably even more so that the election, this is one of the larger impacts on our economy and hence the property investing market.  The interest rate cut in Australia by the RBA (Reserve Bank […]