Linz’s Musings – Persistence and Patience are Key

G’day all

Happy Friday again, and certainly a much happier Friday for us Melbourne-ites 😊

And whether its surviving lockdown, investing, or even toilet training a new kitten (yes, a new addition to our household!) persistence & patience are key.

Even if you have been working for some time to get a deal across the line and then hit another hurdle…persist!

Sending a third follow-up to the contractor to get a renovation quote and still getting nothing back…patience!

It is very rare something works the first time. A great analogy is watching a toddler learn to walk. When they first begin standing up, they will often fall.  Even those first few steps, can result in the inevitable ‘face-plant’ into the floor and even some tears.

But, to the toddler’s credit, you never see them giving up.  They never, at any stage think “Wow, this walking stuff is too hard, I’m done”.

Their persistence to keep trying and patience knowing sooner or later they will be running around the house.

My coach and mentor once said something that really resonated with me – “Resistance is greatest right before the breakthrough.

The biggest issue with resistance building is most people give up without realising how close they really are.

Be persistent and patient in the knowledge your breakthrough could be just around the corner.

You got this!

Happy Investing all and have a great weekend!

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