Linz’s Musings – The 4 Stages of Life

G’day all

What a global roller coaster we are on. A little over 3 weeks  in Melbourne with 0 cases and deaths but spare a thought for those in the U.S and Europe hitting record numbers. Winter’s starting to bite hard and lockdowns are making a comeback.

With everything going on recently, it can be very easy to feel overwhelmed.  

Kids possibly still schooling from home, and you’re trying to run your business in these crazy times as well. Lying in bed trying to rest but your head keeps running overall the things you have to do. All the overdue tasks you haven’t done or just worried about what’s to come?  

We can easily fall into this pattern, but remember the feeling of overwhelm comes from a scarcity mindset.

“There is not enough time to do everything!” 

Even though this is the story we tell ourselves, the truth is there is always time. We all have the same 24 hours.  As Einstein said, “time is relative”.  5 seconds with your hand on a hot plate, can feel like an hour! While spending an hour with a loved one, can feel like seconds. 

If we change our mindset to an abundance mindset, there is always time.  There is always more out there; more clients, more opportunities, more love. We just need to get out there and go after it.

There are 4 stages of life that have a huge impact on the direction of our mindset:

  1. Life AS me

We are born at this stage and continue in it for the first 5-7 years of our life. We soak up everything we can and try to work out this wonder known as “life”.

  1. Life TO me

As we get older, this is where you start to feel the overwhelm, the scarcity mindset. “I don’t have enough time!” “There aren’t enough opportunities for me.” We start blaming everything else for what’s happening to us without realising WE are actually in the driver’s seat of this thing called LIFE.

  1. Life BY me

In this stage we realise we ARE in control of our own destiny. Things that happen are direct consequences of the decisions we make. Therefore, we can shape this beautiful gift of life, rather than have it shape us. This is where we use leverage to achieve rather than fight life. An abundance mindset. I have time. I have opportunities.

  1. Life THROUGH me 

You might come across a person who seems to have a special aura or light to them.  Ever been at a party and suddenly someone walks in you unconsciously stop and notice? Or talked to someone who radiates peace, love, and power? Recently, I have met two such individuals but these people are extraordinarily rare. If you find one, latch on and learn all you can!

You got this!

Happy Investing all and have a great weekend!

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