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The Strategy for Success – Selecting the Right U.S. Investment Property to Match Your Strategy

An excellent investment portfolio strategy helps you stay on track and work to achieve your financial goals. When you choose to invest in property, particularly in the U.S. as a foreign investor, you will need a well-considered strategy to implement. You want your property investment to be a success, so you need to know your […]

2022 – A Year in Review

Christmas might be just around the corner, but not sure what happened to summer?! This year could be the first year in Australia, we experience a ‘white Christmas’ with snow falls on Mt Buller a mere 40-50 kms from here just this week… crazy! With the year coming to an end, it’s a great time […]

What are the Benefits of Having a Property Coach?

Have you ever invested in U.S. property? Do you know the risks you take when you invest in property, whether here or in the U.S.? The benefits of investing in U.S. residential property can be impressive, but there are always risks involved when you invest in any property. A property coach gives you access to […]

Our STARR Methodology is Your Key to Investing in the U.S. Residential Property Market

You’ve read some information online and decided that investing in the U.S. residential property market makes sense. The trouble is that you are just not sure how to go about getting started. You want to invest, but it can be hard to know what a good investment is and how to ensure you are doing […]

Why Investing in U.S. Property Makes Sense (and Dollars too)

Are you looking for a way to make money and get your income working for you? You work hard to earn an income, and you’ve been saving to get a deposit for a house, but buying property in Australia or New Zealand seems so hard these days. Have you considered the benefits of investing in […]

Flipping property in the U.S. is easy with the right mindset

While the great resignation may have started in the United States, the movement has definitely reached Australia, encouraging Aussies to rethink their values around work and redefine their lifestyle choices. It’s led to people looking for ways to have more control of their finances and free time, particularly by starting their own businesses.   Traditionally, […]

How to replace your income flipping residential properties

Side hustles don’t always come easy. Trying to make extra money on top of your full-time job can be exhausting and stressful. But you don’t have to have a “hands-on” business to earn an extra income stream, it’s possible to find profit in non-conventional investments that are reliable and affordable.   Buying and flipping property […]

U.S Interest Rate Rises – should we be concerned?

There are a lot of eyes on the Reserve banks everywhere with the constant talk and gossip of interest rate changes. Truth is, we are going to expect some changes in the coming 12 months as we have had abnormally low-interest rates that aren’t sustainable long-term. Overnight, the U.S. Federal Reserve increased interest rates by […]

When to hire a licenced contractor (and when not to)

The possibilities for real estate investment in the U.S. are endless–it’s no wonder Australians and Kiwis are so attracted to it. The range of properties is staggering and so are the dirt-cheap prices.   When the time comes to upgrade or update your U.S. investment property, you might be tempted to go the safe route […]

5 contractor must-haves to make the best of your property investment

The way your property looks and feels will make or break your sale–and those factors rest on your property investment team’s contractor. It’s important to hire a contractor you know will get the job done professionally and effectively. Hiring a contractor to oversee your property renovation gives you direct access to an expert who can […]