Our Strategy

The highly detailed, pre-purchase assessment that is performed on every home enables us to offer secure, performing, turnkey rental-ready properties to investors. We take you from the concept of wanting to invest in the USA to owning your first property in as little as 30 days. We walk you through the entire US Setup process where we help you establish the key areas you require in order to invest in the US.

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC) -Property into a LLC provides asset protection and taxation benefits
  • Escrow account for the LLC-transfers money between US and Australia for rates far cheaper than the banks and save $1000’s of dollars over the course of your investment
  • Insurance – for property within the LLC
  • Property Management – Competent, well-priced property management to look after the day-to-day of your US property investment
  • Provide Tax Agent – referral
  • Provide secure, performing, rental-ready properties – ranging from as low as $60,000AUD.

Buying Your First US Investment Property

If you want to invest in US Property and don’t know where to start then our mission is helping people just like you secure the best investment properties the US has to offer. We make the process as simple and straight forward as possible by managing the whole process. Leverage our skills, experience and network of US resources to reduce your risk, headaches and maximise your profits today.

Every property that we source passes a vigorous 110 point inspection and each tenant is properly screened to minimize the exposure to your investment. Credit checks, employment history, criminal background checks, debt to income ratios being calculated, and much, much more is all considered in tenant placement.

With returns at record highs and stability in our Property Investment Company to support your investment, Star Dynamic offers the best opportunity for you to capture US Real Estate right now! Please contact one of our knowledgeable investment consultants to learn more.

What Can Star Dynamic Do For You Now

We will provide one-on-one consultations to ensure we can develop strategy and source properties perfect for your needs

  • Create and provide LLC Limited Liability Company for asset protection and structure
  • Obtain an EIN Employer Identification Number required
  • Set up insurance required for properties as needed
  • Can provide solid taxation contacts to assist with taxation suitable to your situation
  • Provide Foreign Exchange service through reputable companies to minimize charges and fees in transfer of funds
  • Perform solid due diligence on all properties and supply prior to purchase (no hidden traps!)
  • Connect you with the best property managers in the areas to assist with tenants & maintenance

We invite you to contact us to learn more!

Property Sourcing Process

  • 1. Strategy session to determine:

    • Types of property
    • $$ to invest
    • Areas of interest
    • Returns expected/required
  • 2. Set up LLC structure & escrow accounts

  • 3. Source deal that matches client’s requirements

    1. Property analysis spreadsheet sent to clients
    2. Client accepts or rejects offer
  • 4. Once accepted, place EMD/Deposit on property

  • 5. Perform title search

  • 6. Get property inspection and report

  • 7. Perform rental report for property

  • 8. If all OK, close on property

  • 9. Arrange clean up if required

  • 10. Assign property manager for property

  • 11. Obtain insurance from property - possibly 2 quotes

  • 12. Source tenant

  • 13. Provide client / account details to property manager

  • 14. Hand over property to clients