Your Key to Success: Intuition

G’day all

Happy Friday again!  Looks like we are certainly getting some light at the end of this long, dark tunnel in Victoria, with only a couple of weeks to go in lock-down and it seems some warmer spring weather is around the corner.

With some nicer weather it will be good to get out and get the body moving again.

I had a great question asked the other day on one of our regular Inner Circle coaching calls, a member was asking “how do you find GOOD contractors…?”

Well, that is certainly the million-dollar question (or tens of thousands at least!)

And, without going into the nuts and bolts of finding contractors (I’ll look to cover this in a Training Piece for you) it did get me thinking, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff as they say?

Well, there are all the logical, objective ways of checking references, testimonials, portfolios of previous work, check their licences and credentials etc etc etc…


I spent a lot of time talking about finding contractors, or teams that you can work with, that ‘resonate’ with you.

Now, what does Resonate really mean?

Well, without getting too mystical on you all (and I can certainly do that if you want…send me a reply and I will give you the in-depth answer! 😊 ) but we all know that 80% of communication is NOT verbal.

The prefrontal cortex, which is also the seat for our conscious thought, picks up the verbal cues and translates these based on our experiences and knowledge. This is generally how we understand what is being told to us or explained/taught.

There are other areas of the brain though, like the Amygdala which is more able to pick up feelings, emotions, etc, and other areas that detect and decode movements, facial expressions, and other unspoken cues.

These areas are not able to translate this into conscious thought as easily and this feedback is generally fed to you as intuition or feelings – or you may have heard the term ‘gut feeling’.

I believe this is your brains way of communicating the ‘non-verbal’ cues it picks up from situations.

It is this intuition that will give you a sense or feeling of whether you like someone when you first meet them or not. Generally, you won’t have enough information to develop a logical response, it’s your intuition picking up on hundreds of non-verbal cues and hints instantly.

In this, the Age of Intuition, I believe people in general are getting better, and better at this.

Gone are the days of the hard sell.  Gone are the ‘shonky’ salespersons using smoke and mirrors to try and convince someone to buy – people see through this in seconds now.

I believe you need to tap into this same intuition when looking to hire or work with anyone.

You will be surprised how much your brain can pick up on even in mere minutes into a meeting or discussion. Listen to this, listen to what your body is trying to tell you.

That ‘gut feeling’ if you will.

Remember though, ensure you can differentiate between your intuition and fear…

Fear will be present when you are doing something you are not experienced in, but this is generally felt in our chest or throat.  Make sure you can tell the difference between fear and intuition.

But listen to that powerful intuition inside you. Let it grow and nurture it.

This will help you enormously in making decisions.

How many times did something feel right, but you talked yourself out if it, or let fear decide, then regretted it later…?

How many times have you gone with a decision, even though, your gut was saying no… only to find out afterwards it was a bad idea after all…?

Go with your gut…if something or someone resonates with you, feels like a fit for you, go with them.  Use your intuition wisely. Don’t blindly be led, but if something feels right, explore that. If not, if it feels wrong…be wary…

You got this!

Happy Investing all and have a great weekend!!