hope and growth

G’day all

First week of spring, and it’s amazing how the warmer wind, and sunshine can all of a sudden, make things look… well, better!

And while a lot of us have been watching the doom and gloom on media outlets, all about numbers of cases, etc etc… particularly here in Melbourne, there has not been a lot to cheer about lately…

But suddenly spring is here, and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and start getting hope again!

And hope is what is most important.  Even when things look bleak, and I am certainly not here to debate whether all the figures on case numbers etc are real or not… But the key point is to keep hope.

Hope, by definition (or at least ‘my’ definition) is “the confident knowledge that good will happen!”

It’s easy to feel down with everything going on in the world, but the important thing is to keep hope – keep that confident knowledge that good will happen; that this is only temporary.

I was reading today that the Aussie Economic report has come out and Australia (and half the world I think) is officially in recession, and that GDP reduced 7% last quarter. Now, read on its own, that could certainly cause fear and anxiety… 7%!  In a Quarter. The largest quarter reduction on record.

To put that into perspective though, if a solid economy grows at 2-3% per year then 7% contraction in 3 months is scary.

That puts us all the way back to… around the end of 2017.  But if you cast your mind all the way back to 2017, things were actually pretty good, it certainly was no stone age.

So again, the glimmer of hope rises, even with a massive (and this is massive for a quarter) drop in GDP, things are actually still OK. And HOPE tells us that things WILL get better.

The biggest thing we need to be wary of right now is our own perception. We cannot let these ‘doom & gloom’ stories make us lose hope. Don’t let the media force you under that doona and not want to come out.

Life is here to live, so live. Enjoy that BBQ with family (at home with immediate family only if you are in Melbourne) for Father’s Day this Sunday. Get out and enjoy the warmer weather and sun. Start planning those goals again or reset and start going after them.

This is certainly not the end of anything, apart from Winter. So live, plan and be hopeful once again.

What is important, is that the future will be shaped by the choices you make today, so make those choices with your heart filled with hope.

You got this!

Happy Investing all and have a great weekend!!

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