US Property Sourcing Services

Full Sourcing process for single family homes or multi family homes

Cost: US $ 6500.00

Full sourcing process for unit blocks or commercial property

Cost: US $ 8500.00

Included in sourcing services above:
Sourcing and presenting the properties for you for your consideration and decision including assignment fees etcFrom US $5000.00
Ensuring closure on property and completion of saleUS $800.00
Arranging property inspection & reports on a propertyUS $250.00
Title search on propertyUS $325.00
Rental reports and valuations on propertyUS $195.00
Creation of a Limited Liability Company structure (LLC) within the US within which the property will be purchased incl. Gov’t chargesUS $1500.00*
Set up of an Escrow account to enable payments and receipts of moniesUS $ 180.00*
Foreign Exchange transfer of funds to USD from AUDFrom 1 – 2%
Arranging insurances as needed on the property(s)US $ 150.00*
Arranging property management of the property(s) as neededUS $ 250.00*
Secure a tenant if purchasing a rental property(s)US $ 500.00

Additional services we can provide:

  • Facilitating Sale

    Facilitating sale or an existing property within the US.

    Cost: US$1500 *

  • Rehab / Renovation

    Assisting with or arranging rehab/renovation of the property

    Cost: POA

  • Valuations / Property Inspections

    Arranging valuations/property inspections of existing properties

    Cost: US$350.00

  • Mentor and Training Program

    12-month Mentor and training program on US property Investing

    (Coming soon!  Contact us for further information)

    Cost: US$5495.00

*These services may also incur additional charges from external suppliers (i.e. commissions etc.)