U.S. Property Investment for Australians and New Zealanders

Here are 5 reasons the US market is a great option for your portfolio


1. Affordability

Promising properties can be purchased for as little as $50kUSD. This is unheard of in Australia or New Zealand. The property market is completely different to what we see here and it is mainly due to the population and habitable land size. You will find there is a lot more houses, building and materials readily available than compared with the isolated islands over here in the southern hemisphere.

2. High Cash Flow

Cashflow is King! I’m sure you have heard this before. One of the best advantages of the U.S. property market is that with such affordable housing, the rental returns are excellent. Properties can easily bring a 10-12% return nett after costs, with choice deals realizing over 15%+! In the Aussie market, we are lucky if we can get a quarter of that.

3. Diversification

The high cash flow, low-cost properties the U.S. offers, goes hand in hand with the high leverage, high capital growth properties in Australia/NZ. This gives your portfolio a real boost to cash while waiting for growth.

4.Low-Risk Investments

With the majority of the US markets very stable, less exposure to market forces and lower cost to get into the market allows for a lower risk profile. Ensuring that all your properties are insured (rental insurance is available) if property prices drop 5-10% it can mean a loss of $4000 -$10000 but still have very high cash flowing property.

5. Debt-free Portfolio

Often one of the biggest pressures people are looking to remove from their life is debt. This can be increasingly important as retirement looms as serviceability for loans can become a huge hurdle and stop people from retiring from their job.

Funding options for Aussies

At Star Dynamic, we aim to make things easy which is why we have partnered with Lendai, U.S. financing designed for global investors. 

What better way to understand your finance options than to hear them first-hand from myself, Lindsay, and the team from Lendai.

We recently held a masterclass that covered financing your property investment in the U.S. that you can access for here below.