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I am so excited to have you in the Fix & Flip Academy Program.
This is where the REAL magic happens!

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I want to introduce you to the Investors Inner Cirlce.

What’s The Investors Inner Circle?

Well allow me to explain 
The Investors Inner Circle is an exclusive community unlike ANY you’ve experienced before…
Inside you will meet Investors from all around the country.  They are all on their own missions to impact their lives, using their learning and support in this community for their investments.
And they’ve jumped into my Investors Inner Circle to connect, to share,  and most importantly…
Because they want a guaranteed path to success.
They want to get access to me and my team, every week, so they can get the advice and feedback they need to move their profitable lifestyles forward…
And be certain what they’re doing is what they should be doing to succeed in their Investments, profitably.

Here's Why This Is Important To You...

You have taken me up on my offer to get The Fix & Flip Academy,  

You’re getting every secret weapon…
Every strategy…
Every tactic…
And every hack that made me and my students so successful in their profitable property investments in the U.S.
It’s true.
And what’s also true, is that no matter how much information I give you…
There’s always going to be bumps along the way!
Or maybe more like landmines you don’t see coming that…
Could derail your road to property investment success.
Going it alone can be a recipe for disaster.
Trust me, I’ve done it and because of that…I’ve lost years (and thousands of dollars) in the process… 
So, I would feel a bit unethical simply giving you my course for free without also giving you the continued support you actually need.
To make sure your Fix and Flip Project is a huge success!
So whether it’s:
  • A review of a deal you have sourced
  • A question about creating a scope of work
  • Feedback on how to manage contractors
  • Advice on how to get the most out of a flip
  • Or even something as simple as making sure you’re in the right strategy.

So Let Me Ask You… 

What could you achieve having access to a mentor…


Who’s completed 100’s of fix and flips properties successfully.
What insights will you get when you have a mentor who’s invested successfully in the U.S.
Probably some pretty valuable ones, right? 
Well guess what…
The Investors Inner Circle is not just about getting my profitable investment advice.
Here’s a few more reasons why this program is unlike any you’ve experienced…
The moment you join everything changes.

First, You’re Going To Be Shipped The
Investor’s Inner Circle Welcome Pack”

Inside you will discover a perfect start to your journey in investing successfully.

Second: You’re Going To Get A Call With
My Team Right Away

We’ll be there.

So that no matter what landmines blow up…

We’ll help you move around them into safety

Bottom Line: You get access to me and my team from Monday to Friday to ask ANY question you want.

So you don’t have to go it alone…

And so we can ensure you get the continued support you need to succeed with your first profitable US property investment.

Just ask, and let me and my team help 😊

Third, You’ll Be Welcome Into Our
Community With Open Arms…

This is where you’ll be able to interact with me, my team and coaches, the community of amazing investors…

And where you’ll be able to ask questions about anything you’re stuck with on a daily basis.
Even find a member or our community to joint venture with.
We have an average response time of less than 60 minutes, Monday to Friday!
So if you’re stuck with a part of the Fix and Flip project, 
Or simply have a question about your investment, 
you’ll have the answers you need – fast!
Like I said, this is not like any coaching program you’ve experienced before.

Great! For these exact reasons, I have been able to put together a never before seen program in Australia for Global investing – the Star Dynamic Investors Inner Circle (IIC)

In this program will be all the strategies, support and access to the contacts you need to absolutely SKYROCKET your investments in the U.S.!
Whether you are a new investor looking to get into the market, or a seasoned sophisticated global investor with a portfolio of property and deals, this program will save you thousands off the deal prices of property and show you strategies to boost your profits tenfold…


You'll Get Access To


Monday to Friday Q&A Access
To Me and My Team to Ensure You're Never Stuck and Always Moving Forward...

Access to my Boots on the Ground team in the U.S.
You'll have access to  my All Experienced Real Estate Professionals Ready to Help YOU... 

Access Exclusive access to our Off Market Deals
Saving You Thousands Off the Prices and Hundreds of Hours of Searching... 

Monthly Coaching Calls with Lindsay
You'll have access to our monthly members-only "Coaching Calls" where you have access to Lindsay and his team of property experts to answer any questions you may have...

Members-Only Facebook Group
You'll be invited to become a member of our private Facebook Group where you can ask questions, get feedback, be supported and celebrate your wins. Connect with other savvy Investors in our members-only group right across the country.

Monthly Training Kits
We have specific training kits targeting each area of the U.S. market, from finding contractors, to managing rehabs and much more, all at your fingertips.

When You Become a Member of 
The Investors Inner Circle...

So, What exactly is included when 

Monthly Investors Inner Circle Membership including private Facebook group access for Q & A and networking with other investors, including our exclusive U.S. Property Coaches.

Monthly Training kits   sent to you on particular strategies or sections of the U.S. market to stay up to date with market forces and hotspot

Live Coaching Calls & Weekly Question Hub Feedback – Join me once a month in a live group coaching call OR have my team and I answer your questions weekly via the Questions Hub.

Full access to Star Dynamic’s Exclusive Property Deals

Full access to Star Dynamic’s professional team ‘on the ground’ in the U.S. (Sub-contractors, Project Manager’s, Property Manager’s etc).

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