A sense of Perspective

G’day all

Well its certainly been an amazing week!  Starting here in Melbourne with a public holiday that seems to have snuck up on us a little.  With the current lockdown restrictions, it almost slid ‘under the radar’ as it was.

Apart from that, tensions in the U.S. are easing a little, as are the restrictions.  I believe their strategy going forward will be to open back up, and then do what they can to protect the vulnerable from the impact of the virus.

Even here in Australia, I feel that it is a policy we could look to employ as well.

I was reminded by a mentor of mine this week, everything that happens is always a matter of perspective.  He was asking if we thought 2020 was a Blessing or a Curse?  Interesting to read some of the responses, but Deans main premise was this…

Last year, the one thing that we were all fighting for, all asking for, was more time…

Then suddenly, due to the virus outbreak, most of us found ourselves with nothing but time on our hands; suddenly confined to homes, out of work (temporarily hopefully) and having the time on our hands to spend with the family, read that book we have been meaning to, learn that skill or study something important to us.

It has given Mother Nature a chance to take a breather (did I read somewhere that smog levels in the hardest hit areas have dropped by over 30% just in the past couple of months?) and even wildlife are returning to what was popular tourist destinations.

Now, depending on your circumstances, you may believe this year has been a blessing for you, or a curse, but I ask you to ponder…

We certainly cannot control what happens to us.  This is outside our ‘sphere of influence’.  We can, however, control how we allow this to affect us, and what we do and/or learn from it going forward.

The incident to George Floyd in the U.S. certainly has been another in a string of similar incidents over the years.  In times past, most of us looked the other way, and figured “Someone else will fix this…I am too busy”.  This reaction has been wrong…

Now, the world had nothing but time…  I was impossible to look the other way, we were FORCED to react as a global community.  Now, due to the time we were given, maybe real change can happen in this world?  Adidas are already confirming they will ensure 30% of their workforce in the U.S will be African-American or Latino and have pledged $20 million to the black community.  Goldman Sachs have come forward saying they are launching a $10 million dollar fund to support the work of organisations addressing racial injustice…

Maybe last year all this would not have happened?

Maybe we would have all be too ‘busy’ to do anything about it.  Kept on about our business and looked the other way…

But today we cannot.

Change must happen and it seems that now, it actually might…

Wouldn’t that be a blessing?

My hope, going forward, is that this pandemic can bring about REAL change in a world that was headed (I believe) for a brick wall.

As things return to ‘normal’ I hope that our new normal will be a much more aware, a stronger and more accountable normal, where we can love more; laugh more; LIVE more…

I am certainly not glossing over the loss of life in this pandemic, that has been tragic.

But if something good can come from this, isn’t that a blessing?

What’s your perspective, has 2020 been a curse or a blessing for you?

You got this!

Happy Investing all and have a great weekend!!