Linz’ Musings – April 12th, 2019

G’day all

Happy Friday! As Easter draws near, the US have started their Baseball Season and football and Hockey is shelved for another season. Here, we are well into our football, AFL or NRL, pick your poison and go <Insert Your Team Here>!

Its great to see the passion a great many have for their sporting teams. Watching the games, the sports news and discussion shows, listening to talk back radio, its a big thing! Then the week at work, all the discussions around how the weekend went well (or didn’t go well depending on the results!). In my family tipping competition, i have gone from last years champion (reigning premier yeah!?) to having trouble tipping a hat at the moment.

What we need to do is also ensure we use the same passion on the other areas of our lives. Imagine how different our society would be if we also were out for a few drinks on the Friday night and chatting to our friends about how well our career/business/relationship/life was going; friends listening intently and giving hints and tips on how to get better… But alas, it seems we are rather more intent on judging and making sure we don’t “get ahead of ourselves”. We even feel or justify to ourselves that by keeping our friends or family “grounded” we are doing the a favour…hmm….

So we stick to sports as an outlet, rather than have the passion across all areas of our lives. We often get so caught up in one area, we start neglecting the others. It may not be sport it might be business, or career, or even health. Now, any of these areas certainly deserve our focus, our passion, but not to the detriment of the others?

What if…Monday you made a goal to spend at least 15-20 mins focusing on each of the 6 areas of your life every day – Family/Relationships, Social, Health, Finance, Career/Business, Intellect. Imagine then, in a months time we are at the pub having a couple of Friday frothies and talking about how each area is going? Would it be better? Would you find you have more passion across the board? Would be an interesting experiment to test out…

Have a great weekend all and Happy Investing!!