Linz’s Friday Musings – November 29th 2019

G’day all

So, here we go…last couple of days of Spring before we launch ourselves into our Aussie Summer!  Wow!  What an awesome time of year.  I love this time of year! 

December is crazy, Christmas lead in – did I tell you I used to work in hospitality? Man, that’s the definition of crazy. Shout out to all those in hospitality over this period, and for the rest of us, let’s be patient J

Once we hit Christmas though, I find the period between Christmas and New Year, such a relaxing time… Boxing day test on the telly, BBQ’s, summer weather, beach, a lot of us on holidays (seriously not trying to have a dig at the hospitality workers here!), family time…I feel its magical.

But, although we are also now, on the lead up to Christmas, let’s not take our foot off the pedal here.  We still have a good 3-4 weeks of time we can achieve so much!

At this time of year, we can often start drifting into Christmas mode – parties, catch ups etc.  Time can also go so quickly (relatively speaking) as we are always just so ‘busy’ that the Christmas lead up takes over everything

What I invite you to do, for the next 3-4 weeks up to Christmas, is to walk slower…

Now I know that might sound crazy, but hang with me a moment.  I recently did a retreat in Sydney and we did an exercise where we literally walked around the property for almost 30 minutes at different speeds.  We would almost power walk, seeing how that felt, what we noticed.  We did this a various speeds over the thirty minutes and what I noticed when walking much slower, is that I was really able to notice so much more, take in the surroundings, see more, recognise more, enjoy more.  It really works…

During this hectic period, in our lead up to Christmas, try walking slower.  Take in your surroundings, enjoy the Christmas spirit as you walk around the city maybe.  Watch as people scurry to their next meeting, or party, not seeing or noticing their surrounds.  Take all this in, and you will find that you will also feel calmer, less stressed –  the hospitality crew will LOVE you! 

Reminds me of my favourite poem my dad gave me, by Rudyard Kipling – “If you can keep you head when all around you are losing theirs and blaming you…”  This is really a key.  Remaining calm is the sea of uncertainty, a rock against the storm.

Try it…let me know as Christmas looms how it felt for you?  I promise if you do this you will enjoy this period so much more J

Have a great weekend all and Happy Investing…!!