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Learn to flip houses in the U.S. without having to leave the country

Yes, it’s profitable!

Yes, it’s safe!

Yes, it’s easier than you think!!!

Learn everything you need to know in the Fix and Flip Academy.

Lindsay Stewart

It can feel impossible as you watch everyone around you making money in property investment.

I hear you!

I was so keen to break into the Australian market but found it overwhelming, time consuming and a pain in the A.

I decided to take a look into foreign investment. So, I compared the U.S. property market to that of Sydney and Melbourne and it showed similar growth and prices. I brushed it off as a waste of time but then I starting to look at it differently.

Although the size of the United States is similar to Australia, the U.S. has over 10 times our population. This population is spread over the entire country, as opposed to the vast majority of our population squeezed into a fraction of the land.

Once I had this click moment, it was all about finding the right place to invest.

I cracked into the U.S property market with a whopping 5k. Yep, that’s only $5,000, often your monthly income.

After years flipping in the U.S., I have now popped all my learnings into an online course.

Are you ready to earn a passive income, build a solid property portfolio, start living that life you have dreamed of, all WITHOUT lifting a paintbrush!?

Welcome to the Fix & Flip Academy

Within this 8-module course, you will get a life-time access to all the tools and information needed to get started in the U.S. property market.

This course is an immersive learning experience where you will be guided through every aspect of starting your investment journey in the U.S.

You will get access to our online learning portal where you can watch the training videos, download resources and access to training kits.

At the end of the Fix & Flip Academy, you are going to have the knowledge and confidence to start investing in the U.S. market without leaving the country.

This course gives you access to:

…and more!

Check out the results from some of our students

In this course you will learn how to

The Fix & Flip Academy gives aspiring property investors the training and guidance to make well-informed decisions. Whether it’s your first investment or otherwise.

Fix & Flip Academy includes 8 core training modules. All course materials are accessed through an online portal that you can access anywhere, anytime, for a lifetime.

Let’s take a look at what you’re going to learn

Module 1: Finding a Location

In this module you will learn:

Module 2: Building Your Team

In this module you will learn:

Module 3: Asset Protection and Set Up

In this module you will learn:

Module 4: Sourcing your property

In this module you will learn:

Module 5: Purchasing your property

In this module you will learn:

Module 6: Arranging & Managing Rehab

In this module you will learn:

Module 7: Selling Strategies

In this module you will learn:

Module 8: Building your portfolio

Here’s where it gets REALLY interesting!

In this module you will learn:


“I would have no hesitation in recommending the team at star dynamic to anyone that wanted to get involved in the USA property market. Their personalized approach to your individual situations and goals allows you to invest confidently. Knowing the risks that come with this kind of international investing and having Star Dynamic with the knowledge to guide you through it has been a key highlight of our experience.”
Mike Sinclair
“Star Dynamic is hands down the best and most genuine experience I’ve had throughout my property investing journey. Lindsay truly cares about his client’s success, which is something I’ve found hard to come by (as usually everyone has their own agenda). I’ve done courses for NZ and Australian markets, and I find the Inner Investors Circle is far better suited to my needs. This course is well worth the value, connections, and support. Lindsay has gone above and beyond to ensure my US deals go smoothly, and I can’t wait for more of what the future brings.”
Katie Potter




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You’ll get lifetime access to all 8 core training modules, all course materials including the lesson videos, workbooks, training guides and resource lists – everything you need to get started on your investment journey in the U.S.

Get Access to the total Fix & Flip Academy valued at $2,000!

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Personalised Investment strategy

One on one coaching call to develop your personlised Strategy.
A solid plan and strategy will power you through to the finish line quickly.

Valued at $500

Investment strategy mini-course

This course details all the different strategies you can use when flipping houses to help determine what is the best option for you.

Valued at $199

Goal setting and mindset training

Investing in a big decision, we know. That’s why we have developed two mini-courses that will help ensure that you have a holistic approach to investing.

Valued at $169

Fix and Flip Program

Now $498.50

All pricing in Australian Dollars and includes GST for Australian residents.


This time last year I had never heard of the term BRRRR - buy, rehab, rent, refinance and repeat. Now I can say I’ve almost come full circle. During lock down last year I spent a lot of time watching “I have been investing in property since 2007 but had never had anyone walk me through the process of how to successfully invest remotely until now.

After months of due diligence, I acquired a property in Roseville, MI from (having never been to that state let alone that city). I was able to buy it deeply discounted, with a tenant in place only doing minimum delayed maintenance items - 500 spent. The asset is generating a 10.2% net yield and once I carry out a cosmetic renovation that will increase to 16.2% net yield!
Marty Neville
Auckland, NZ
“I was most excited about the greater returns than anything I could get here in Australia and could enable me to build a healthy passive income for my retirement. I was prepared for not knowing what I don’t know and thought the complexity of my first purchase would be more difficult, but it certainly went better that I expected.

A very comprehensive service, with a personal touch, I was able to rely on Star Dynamic Property Investments to help ensure it all went smoothly.”
B. Waller
Bairnsdale, VIC


A: You have lifetime access to the learning portal so you can access it as many times as you like, whenever you like. It never expires.

A: The content all lives in one private online portal which you will have a login to. Each module has videos, workbooks, and training guides. 

A: This is a self-paced course meaning you can do it whenever and where ever you like. Plus you get lifetime access to the content so there is no rush.

A: Absolutely! You can split the cost over 2 payments across 2 months. Excluding deals when you take advantage of amazing value savings.

A: Yes! This is a self-study program that includes access to Star Dynamic’s Facebook group networking with other investors where you can build partnerships. There is for an additional cost access the support network (Investors Inner Circle) includes (but not limited to) group coaching calls and Lindsay’s team; boots on the ground in the US.

A: There are no other expenses related to the course itself. There is one-on-one coaching available at additional costs, and of course, when you are ready, the house purchase and renovation costs etc.

A: Unfortunately, we don’t offer a refund on our digital products and this course. However, you have lifetime access to this course and any future updates that are made. This means when you are ready to pick this up again, you will still have the most relevant and up-to-date information.

As part of this course, you have 6 months access to our Inner Circle Membership. You can postpone this membership access until you are ready to focus on your investment journey. Simply email us at to request this.

Lindsay Stewart

Meet your Trainer

I’m Lindsay Stewart, an Aussie property flipper, city turned country living, dad of two – and your guide to investing in the U.S. I founded Star Dynamic when I realised how bloody easy it was to make a profit investing in the U.S. Don’t get me wrong, I have really learnt my lessons along the way with plenty of mistakes but the benefits really have outweighed the bad.

I put all these lessons, my growing U.S. network and ongoing research into an online community and programs to allow the everyday Joe Blow the opportunity to start their own journey.