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Why Australians should invest in U.S. property

  Coronavirus (or COVID-19) has had a devastating impact on Australian society. Small businesses are on their knees, companies have slashed jobs, a battle between renters and landlords looms large and essential grocery items have been in short supply.  In the fragility, many people have come to a stark realisation that it doesn’t take much […]

The second wave…

G’day all Happy Friday everyone, hope you have all had a great week! And that brings us to the end of May, and what looks like the end of most of the lockdown restrictions in Australia as business and the economy slowly starts to move again over the next month or so… Its good to […]

An Amazing time to Grow!

G’day all Happy Friday everyone! With some beautiful May days here in Melbourne over the past week or so, there has never been a better time to be alive! And I mean it… We have certainly had our share of challenges this year already, not trying to play that down, but as I mentioned last […]

Two investment properties within nine months for Star Dynamic client

Building a property portfolio that generates passive income seems like utopia and only available to the chosen few.    But with some understanding, guidance, and willingness to pursue new opportunities, it can be done.  And that is what a recent Star Dynamic client did.  As a business consultant, Katie Potter understands the importance and value of […]

Leadership during Crisis

G’day all May is moving like a steam train!  I don’t know if it is just me, or is everyone feeling the weeks are flying by, even though we are still mostly cooped up inside?  Our recent foray into “relaxed restrictions’ appears to be not much more than comfort for some, allowing a small ‘backyard […]

Check in on your Mate…

G’day mate! Welcome to our 2nd Australia day for the year! Or as we locals like to call it… Ma-ate Day! 🙂 Ha ha! Bit of fun anyway. I love the first week of May. Not only is it my wedding anniversary (Happy Anniversary Sweetheart!) but as an Aussie nerd at heart, we have Star […]

US Stimulus, Tracking Apps, and China…

G’day all! As another month slides away, here in Australia, our Anzac Day has come and gone, and an ‘unusual affair’ this year… No dawn services could be attended, no march to the memorials.  The Last Post playing through people’s radio’s and telly’s at 6:00am as some of us stood in our driveways or back […]